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PIL - Demos, Outakes and Studio Roughs - 1981-1983 (Flac)

Thanks to BoldCaptain for sharing this one on Dime.


CD 01 PiL1981-82(demos-outtakes)
CD 02 PiL1982-83(sndchk-rehears)

Source: SBD > ? > Cassette > WAV > FLAC > YOU

Playback/Transfer: Yamaha KX-390 > JB3 > Peak 4.0 ( normalize ,tracking ) > xACT V1.4b24 ( fix SBE, compress flac level 7, generate .ffp, verify, and seeded via Azureus by BoldCaptain 2-06

FileSize: 607.56 Mb flac level 7


Disc 1:  PiL1981-82(demos-outtakes)
Tracks 1-10: "Commercial Zone" demos/outtakes, recorded at Park South Studios, New York City, 1982-83.
PiL (Labeled Unknown Studio)
Tracks: 11-13: Flowers Of Romance studio outtakes / alternate versions

01. The Slab (a.k.a Order Of Death) WITH DIFFERENT VOCALS (can`t tell what he`s
saying though) Lydon breathes into mic at start. (alt. unr. take)
02. Unknown song - guitar riff sounds a little like "public image"
03. Unknown song - Drums & Keyboards
04. Bad Night - (Rough Version, double tracked vocals)
05. Unknown Song - Saxophone/bass/drums, Sounds like lydon talking through
06. Unknown Song - Acoustic Guitar, sounds like keith levine, same guitar sound
as the slab
07. Bad Night - (Disco Version, lyrics are "This Is Not A Love Song")
08. Unknown Song - Piano, drums, kinda jazz improvise sounding
09. Unknown Song - persussion / synths , sounds a bit like devo?
10. Unknown Song - Similar take to above but some guitars added & more synth
11. 1981 [outtake version; previously listed as "Flowers Of Romance"]
12. Flowers of Romance [This is an outtake version with vocals, not an instrumental]
13. Flowers Of Romance [This is an instrumental outtake version, with a lot of violin improvisation in the forefront of the mix]


Disc 2: PiL1982-83 (sndchk-rehears)
This Sounds more like a tour rehearsal than demos?
Or even a soundcheck for one of the Live Shows from the other reels?

01. improvisation [Lydon screaming & messing with vocal effects, band tuning up in background]
02. Pop Tones [more or less complete version]
03. Flowers Of Romance [improvised version, John sings in a very high pitched voice]
04.  "Solitaire" [instrumental, w/ a very brief "Radio Clash" tease at the beginning]
05. Public Image [band stops halfway through] >
Solitaire [instrumental; 3 attempted improvisations] >
Public Image [incomplete] >
Low Life [incomplete] >
Low Life [complete take]
06. instrumental [mostly drums and synthesizer]
07. Bad Life [a couple of partial takes]
08. Public Image [a couple of partial takes; with the keyboard instrumentation, this somewhat resembles The Attractions]


Notes: The final installment of the PiL mystery reels pieces together like this
: One reel sounds just too close to what is considered an "official release" to
be torrented here, but the other two offer up some interesting unreleased
material from what appears to be two seperate events. A series of incomplete
tracks, possible roughs or demos, assumed to be from Park South Studios in
N.Y.C. in prep for the imploding "Commercial Zone" LP. On the other reel we have
a tour rehearsal or soundcheck, also undated (82 or 83) and apparently
uncirculated. Many Thanks to JJL69, spunk01, and powow for helping identify
this material. The ? in the lineage is, as best as could be described, supposed
10" Reel to Reel > Cassette > Cassette, mine being the 2nd gen. No lineage on
the reel 2 reel, but close to the original source. The story as told to me is:
the UK arm of the American record company that Public Image recorded for had
some reels hand delivered from the UK to America sometime in
1983. During that process, the reels were dubbed to cassette, and those were
the cassettes that I made copies of (so my 2nd gen tape to you). The reels we
could assume to be at least 2nd gen, but thats only a guess. I am unaware if
these shows have ever been traded before.



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