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Delta 5 - Club 57, New York, NY, USA - 23.05.1981 (Flac)

Thanks to Cyrus for sharing this recording on Dime.

Original Info File:

I remember get their singles one, two and three from late 1979 through 1980 and thinking
that this group was destined for greatness.  Their minimal approach to both lyrics and
music while still being catchy as hell, not to mention their concise sense of irony - Wow!
They knocked me out.  Others must have thought so too and gave them access to a studio full
of cool gadgets, andÉwell, trouble in paradise.  Their debut LP, "See The Whirl" in 1981
was an over produced mess that lost all that was right about the group's initial approach.
Well, folks, here they perform most of said LP, and live without all of the studio whiz
one can see that this stuff wasn't half bad after all.

I believe this was taped by our own "dclubok", and if so, he may be able to comment on
the equipment used, etc.  Doug, are you out there?  Anyway I seeded this on DIME some
eight or nine years ago, and it's definitely time to return it to circulation.

Cheers, Cyrus 

Source: Audience Master Cassette > wav > CDR

49:11 minutes - Sound: Good to Very Good
The first several seconds of the first cut sound atrocious!  But it clears up quickly
and the sound continues to improve over the first two or three cuts.  After that it's
not too bad at all.  There is a drop out as Curcuit ends, and comes back abruptly with
temporarily inferior sound...and once again it gets better.

      >>  Anticipation (missing)
 1.  Delta 5 (cuts in...)  1:51
 2. Train Song   3:03
 3. Trail   2:47
 4. Leaving   2:51
 5. Open Life   4:03
 6. Sing Your Praises   2:58
 7. Triangle   3:49
 8. Try   3:09
 9. Final Scene   3:09
10. Journey  2:40
11. Circuit    1:57
12. Telephone   3:58
13. Make Up   2:52
14. Shadow   2:47
15. Mind Your Own Business   3:34
      >> encore
16. You   3:34


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  1. What can I say, paradise has come to town - another ultra-rare live recording from one of my favourite bands. As Cyrus notes above, Delta 5 stood out with their two-bass line-up, female vocals and cutting lyrics similar to those of their friends the Gang of Four, the Au Pairs and the Mekons. Their brilliance was captured by a string of hit underground singles, most of which were played on this night, but their studio albums were a disappointment, losing that raw edge and leaving us to wonder how things could have been if the album sessions had been different ...

    Thanks a million, Dave Sez.