Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Television - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 03.06.1977 (Flac)

Gig poster, exclusive European tour badge scan and tracklist included.

From the Dave Sez archive: another ultra-rare recording by Hans De Vente, this time of Television playing with Blondie on their first European tour. Lineage: Cassette>WAV>FLAC 5>you.

01 See No Evil
02 Venus
03 Elevation
04 Foxhole
05 Little Johnny Jewel
06 Friction
07 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
08 Marquee Moon
09 Satisfaction
10 O Mi Amore

There are three known bootlegs of Television's 1977 European tour, all B-/C+ audience recordings; the best 1977 Television recording (B+) is from Hartsdale NY, first released by the great gomonkeygo and reposted by SilentWay at http://floppybootstomp-ii.blogspot.com/2012/03/television-live-hartsdale-ny-1977.html (Rapidshare links still live). Nonetheless, bearing in mind the rarity and historical significance of this Dutch recording, it should be kept in circulation, and thanks to Hans De Vente for sharing his tape. Other European 1977 audience recordings still online are Manchester at http://www.guitars101.com/forums/f145/television-1977-05-26-manchester-uk-aud-flac-164575.html (FLAC, thanks to the great EDGE, at least the Filefactory link is still live) and Lyon at http://www.guitars101.com/forums/f90/television-lyon-france-8-june-1977-a-163324.html (320, thanks to the great tinajazz, the Turbobit link is still live). The only other known 1977 recordings are from LA's Whiskey A Go Go on April 5th and 14th which are rough to say the least and are no longer online.



  1. I should have made it clear that the above five 1977 recordings are all I have seen posted at various times on music blogs; there are more recordings circulating on Dime including the terrific Detroit gig just posted by our host - thanks again!

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Many thanks for keeping this available. I'm happy to be able to abandon the futile attempts to get it from a Uploaded link that has shut down non-premium access for months.

  3. Indeed thanks, circle, and nice to see you over here, drkick. For those less eagle-eyed, the "Hartsdale" I mentioned above has now been identified by Dave Marin as at the Syncopation Club in Scarsdale, not Hartsdale, and has been reposted by silent over here - go get, you won't regret!


    Cheers, Dave Sez.