Monday, 11 May 2015

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - Disco Thing (MP3)

Since I've been posting some Remixes bootlegs, I searched the web for some more and found a lot, so I decided to do a compilation of the one's I liked most. I never really thought of liking of a 16 minutes dance orientated remix of "More"...

Hope you enjoy it. Most of them are the Ultrasound mixes, originally posted in the kolablogradio blog by the mixers.

The artwork is done by me , hope you like it also.

01. Alice (Ultrasound Extended Version)
02. Walk Away (Ultrasound Extende Version V2.0)
03. Lucretia (Ultrasound Extended Version)
04. Marian (Ultrasound Extended Version)
05. Walk Away (Long Liquid Ultrasound Version)
06. Suzanne (Pineal's Extended Mix)
07. More (Ultrasound Extended Power Mix)
08. Alice (Dirty Funker Mix)



  1. bedankt !!!!

  2. Thanks for all the Sisters stuff, much appreciated.
    The artwork is great thanks for taking the time to do it.