Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The The - Brixton Academy, London, UK - 05.06.1993 (Flac)

AKA "Europe 1993"

Excellent sound. Thanks to Ziggy for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

CD>dBpowerAmp CD Ripper>FLAC

01 Infected
02 Helpline Operator
03 Love Is Stronger Than Death
04 Dogs Of Lust
05 August And September
06 Heartland
07 Soul Mining
08 Sweet Bird Of Truth
09 The Violence Of Truth
10 Armageddon Days Are Here Again
11 Lonely Planet
12 True Happiness This Way Lies

Matt Johson lead vocals & guitar
Keith Joyner lead guitar & backing vocal
Jared Nickerson bass guitar
DC Collard piano & hammond organ
Dave Palmer drums
Jim Fitting harmonica

"Europe 1993" is a bootleg release by Red Line - Rarities & Few in 1993
with catalogue number RFCD 1295. It looks that the same show was released by KTS under the
title "Save Me".
The origin of this recording is not known to me but it looks like it is pre-FM, FM or Soundboard
because the sound quality is very very good. The original cover for this presents a different line up
but the one posted here is the real one for this show. It was taken from the gigography section
on THE THE website http://www.thethe.com
Also this recording is an update of the one posted here and recorded from the BBC 6 Music
because it includes one more song than that broadcast.
Enjoy this great show and share it in its full glory, no mp3 but above all DON'T SELL!!


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