Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Sisters Of Mercy - The Garden Of Delight - Bootleg (WAV)

A very recent australian bootleg, with some already known 1984 demos, but it seems they had a "remaster" treatment, so they sound crispier, but similar to the Victims of Circunstance versions. Anyway, a very nice collection with excellent sound. Thanks to sleepchamber for sending it to me to share here.


01. First And Last And Always (Vocals – Gary Marx)
02. Rock And A Hard Place (Instrumental)   
03. Knocking On Heaven's Door
04. Marian (Version 1 Instrumental)   
05. Black Planet (Instrumental)   
06. Walk Away   
07. Garden Of Delight (Vocals – Wayne Hussey)
08. No Time To Cry   
09. Garden Of Delight (Vocals – Andrew Eldritch)
10. Serpents Kiss (Instrumental)   
11. Dance On Glass   


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