Monday, 31 August 2015

RE-UPLOAD: X-Mal Deutschland - Polytechnic, Portmouth, UK - 12.03.1987 (MP3)

A request from Ido. Still couldn't find a lossless version of this one.  Soundboard sound.


01. Intro
02. Polarlicht
03. Manchmal
04. Ozean
05. Matador
06. Eisengrau
07. Niemandsland
08. Dogma
09. Boomerang
10. Morning
11. Der Wind
12. Sickle Moon
13. Qual
14. Augenblick



  1. Thank you so much for re-upping this show!!!

  2. Judging from the exact same running time, this is a copy of my bootleg. It's not a soundboard recording but was recorded using a pair of SM58s positioned above the crowd directly facing the PA, through a Soundcraft desk into a professional cassette deck.

    The threat to cut the gig Anja refers to was because The Hunters' Club had set fire to their hats and set off the smoke alarms which caused the gig to over-run.

    As I only personally posted a 64kbps .wma online I suspect that the MP3 is an upscaled conversion. I have still have the original cassette if you would like me to make a .wav or FLAC copy from it.

    1. Excellent recording then, I always thought it was a Soundboard. A Flac version would be great!!! Thanks for the offer.