Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Left Bank Club, Mount Vernon, NY, USA - 24.10.1981 (Flac)

Photo. Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Good sound. Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Original Info File:

The Stonecutter Collection [Vol 22]

Source: unknown gear > 1st generation cassette (Maxell XL-II)

Transfer Playback:
Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 [standalone] CD-RW > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 6

Traders Den 5/14/15

Transferred, Edited and Tracked by kingrue upload 483


This was recorded by Rich's friend Gene.  He's uncertain which mic and recorder was used during this time.

I've included a scan of the j-card and cassette.

You will see on the j-card, the set list wasn't written out properly and is missing a few songs, that should have been written in.

So at first glance I assumed the tape was missing songs, but nothing is missing.

This recording is complete, except for a brief tape flip in the middle of track 12 "Skin".

Rich did trade this one out to a few overseas collectors back in the day.

I did find reference to an older torrent of this show, that was made from a 2nd generation cassette. 

It also has a cut very near the same spot during "Skin". 

Though it claims to have been made with a Nakamichi recorder and transferred on a Denon DRM-740 deck.

I personally haven't heard that previous release,  I get the feeling that it's from this same lower gen tape source.

I kind of doubt that there are 2 different sources.  If you have that other release, this will definitely be an upgrade.

Samples Provided

01 Poppy Day
02 Halloween
03 Spellbound
04 Regal Zone
05 Placebo Effect
06 Arabian Knights
07 Switch
08 Mirage
09 Israel
10 Head Cut
11 Eve White/Eve Black
12 Skin (tape flip @ 2:58)
13 Happy House
14 Hong Kong Garden
15 Love in a Void

Total Time = 57:26 min





  1. Thanks, circle! Those interested in John McGeoch's career after S&B should check this one out:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. For me the old source sounds slightly better and clearer. This is a bit too fast.
    However many many tanks for update.