Friday, 30 October 2015

Fields of the Nephilim - The Sacred and the Profane - Bootleg (MP3)

A request from JC. Still trying to find a lossless version of this bootleg. On Discogs is stated that all tracks are live recordings and not demos. If that's true, then they're soundboard recordings, when stated as demos. Thanks to the original uploader.


A1: Contamination (Original demo for Preacher Man)
A2: Senseless (Letchworth 19-12-86)
A3: The Comeback (Letchworth 19-12-86)
A4: Shotgun (Early live version of Dust)
B1: Love Under Will (Demo)
B2: Chord Of Souls (Long version)
B3: Sumerland (Instrumental)


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  1. All tracks are live and none are soundboard. Comments on each track and the sources have been shared many times on the Dawnrazor forum.