Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The KLF - Arkive Vol 2 (Flac)

Second Volume of this bootleg compilation series.


01. Kylie In A Trance (remix)
02. 3 a.m. Eternal / The White Room (primal demo mix)
03. What Time Is Love? (techno slam mix)
04. Brooklyn New York [outtake]
05. It's Grim Up North (original club mix)
06. What Time Is Love? (power remix 7")
07. 3 a.m. Eternal (demo aug 1990 mix)
08. Build A Fire (lenny d mix)
09. Alex vs The KLF (mix mark II version)
10. One Love Nation (hot tracks mix)
11. What Time Is Love? (echo and the bunnymen mix)
12. Last Train To Trancentral (benio over and out)
13. Alex Vs The Klf (Cut)


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