Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Durutti Column - Aula Magna, Lisboa, Portugal - 01.05.1988 (Flac)

I was at this one :)

HUGE Thanks to Ziggy for posting it on Dime.

Original Info File:

Source: Unknown Audience Recording
Lineage: Tape (unknown Gen)>Marantz Cassette Deck SD555>Creative SoundBlaster Connect Analogue in and out>Zoom H2 line in WAV - 96 kHz / 24 bit Wave>Nero Wave Editor for EQ and Fade in and out>dbPoweramp Music Converter downsampling to wave 48 KHz/24 bit>Nero Wave Editor track cut>dbPoweramp Music Converter>FLAC

Set List :

01. Mercy Theme
02. Miss Haymes
03. Arpeggiator
04. What is it to Me (Woman)
05. Jongleur Grey
06. Dance II
07. Bordeaux Sequence
08. Tomorrow
09. Requiem Again
10. English Landscape Tradition
11. Sketch for Dawn
12. Jacqueline
13. When the World
14. The Missing Boy
15. Red Shoes
16. The Beggar
17. Sketch for Summer
18. Pol in B

Vini Reilly - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Bruce Mitchell - Drums, Percussion, Drum Machine
Andy Connell - Keyboards, Percussion

This is one of those mythical concerts from the late 80's in Aula Magna.Unfortunatelly i was not able to witness this one but was able to get my hands on this tape soon after the concert. I don't know the source, i don't know the generation of my copy. I know that i bought it to some guys that sell through mail order.
I was working on this recording and while i was looking for the setlist for this show i found that on June 2015 a video of this show was uploaded to YouTube and a month ago a reworked version of it was also uploaded. The Audio is not the same. This is for sure a different source.
Hope you enjoy and please share.


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