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The Au Pairs - Mudd Club, New York, USA - 03.06.1982 (Flac)

Thanks to kingrue for sharing i«tj«his one on TTD.

The Stonecutter Collection vol 125

Source: Panasonic Cassette Recorder w/internal mics > Cassette Master (TDK-SA)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 8

Traders Den 3/28/16.

Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 749.


This is a very rare recording by a very short lived band from the early 80's.

You don't see too many recordings come out of the Mudd Club.

Paul Foad (guitarist)
Lesley Woods (vocalist)
Jane Munro (bassist)
drummer unknown

This group released 3 studio albums. Their first, ‘Playing with a Different Sex’ (1981),

is a post-punk classic with sarcastic songs like “It’s Obvious” and “We’re so cool”.

"Sense and Sensuality" released in 1982. Showed a greater influence of jazz, soul,

funk and disco on the band's sound, but was less well received.

‘Equal But Different’ released in 1983.  The band broke-up later that year.

Lesley went on to form an all female band called 'The Darlings' in the late ’80s, but then left the music industry altogether.

Now Lesley works as a lawyer.  In recent years she has since returned to doing random solo gigs in England.

Paul remains an active musician, playing with Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes a Jamaican Jazz band and also teaches guitar

in and around Birmingham. He has published a guitar technique book.

Jane works as an alternative therapist in Birmingham while Pete teaches percussion in Birmingham.


Recording notes:

I wasn't able to figure out the entire set list.  I didn't label the tracks this time.

I had a hard time knowing exactly where to track some of the songs and there might be some slight difference compared to the j-card.

I still ended up with 16 tracks.  Since I'm not famaliar with this band, I'm unable to verify any song titles.

If I made any mistakes, I appolgize. I did the best I could.

Even though this was recorded on a hand held walkman,  I found the recording to sound really good.

Sounds like Rich was standing next to the stage.  Notice how well the drums come through.

There is a tape break between tracks 10 & 11, a tape flip between tracks 11 & 12.  Another tape break between tracks 13 & 14.

I'm assuming the end of track 11 is cut off, it's a short track and seems to end abruptly.

If anyone here remembers this group, then I think you're gonna want this for sure.

I've included scans of the j-card and cassette inside this torrent.  The j-card shows more song titles.

Thanks to Rich for attending and taping this obscure 80's band.  I surely never heard of them until now.

Samples provided.

Side  A
01 Shake Down
02 Attack
03 Instant Touch
04 Inconvience
05 Headache For Michelle
06 Don't Lie Back
07 Sex Without Stress

Side B

Total Time = 70:25 min






  1. That photo is NOT Mudd. Is it supposed to be??

  2. Thanks for this. The correct tracklist is:
    01 Shakedown
    02 Intact
    03 Instant Touch
    04 Inconvience
    05 Headache (For Michelle)
    06 Don't Lie Back
    07 Sex Without Stress
    08 Set-Up
    09 That's When It's Worth It
    10 Steppin’ Out Of Line
    11 Interval
    12 Diet
    13 America
    14 Dear John
    15 It's Obvious
    16 We’re So Cool

  3. Many thanks for this, circle, and many thanks to Anonymous too for the tracklist. We must have pretty much got everything now from a great band!

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. This was also missing from my collection!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    This band still sounds great even today.