Saturday, 25 February 2017

RE-UPLOAD: The Gun Club - Big Club, Torino, Italy - 28.11.1984 (Flac)

Thanks to Daniel for sharing this recording on DIME.

Original Info File:

This almost seems like it could have been televised due to the intro. Patricia Morrison provides the vocals on the opening and closing tracks which makes this kinda special. Perhaps a complete version will surface. Enjoy!

Low gen cassette > Cool Edit - WAV 44100 hz, 16 bit, stereo> Normalized to 98% > FLAC frontend FLAC  Level 8 > Create Torrent, uTorrent 2.2> You

30:09 mins Duration

Sound very good

01. Intro Instrumental
02. Walkin' With the Beast
03. Eternity is Here
04. Run From the Jungle
05. Brother and Sister
06. Moonlight Motel
07. The Lie (Beg.)
08. Jack on Fire (End)
09. Louie Louie



  1. if you have any of these GC shows, it would be great to hear them!

    10/05/82 The Venue
    09/28/83 Prospect Hill Hotel
    11/25/83 Teatro Palladium
    11/28/83 Vinavil
    10/10/84 Paard Van Troje
    11/24/84 Doornroosje

    1. I have a very truncated version of this one

      11/28/83 Vinavil

      Only 7 tracks of the 12 played, because the other 5 were released semi officially here:

      Still interested?

  2. very much! was also looking for that version.