Sunday, 9 July 2017

RE-UPLOAD: The Virgin Prunes - Dave Fanning Session - xx.xx.1981 (Flac)

Very interesting session with early versions of songs that would later become live staples. Very good sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original info file:

Noahwall had a Virgin Prunes upload (Torrent #322147 Virgin Prunes - Dave Fanning Irish RTE Radio Sessions 1981-1982 [Reseed]) and as my source is a chrome tape copy of a chrome tape master, he suggested I post it, as he reckoned it's an upgrade to what he has.

I used to tape Dave Fannings Rock show on RTE radio, especially at the end of year when he used to repeat sessions from that year (a highlights show, as it were).
I would have recorded the show on a BASF Chrome 120 and then dubbed the bits I wanted to another tape, in this case, a BASF Chrome 90.

1. Bau-Dachong
2. DJ chat
3. How's about apologia?
4. DJ chat
5. The Walls of Jericho
6. DJ chat
7. We Sing a Song
8. DJ chat

I got the spelling for Bau-Dachöng from

The tracks 'The Walls of Jericho', 'Bau-Dachong' and 'We sing a Song' are listed on a bootleg: "TV & Radio Sessions 79-83" (as listed at No mention of the 4th track I have here: "Hows about Apologia?". I'm saying this is from 1981 but don't know. However, it's listed as from 1981 on above weblink.

9. DJ chat
10. Gavin Friday recites "The Beautiful People"
11. DJ chat
12. Prunes discuss "War" (track on 2nd release)
13. DJ thanks Dave ID

This section is from the other side of the BASF Chrome 90 tape. I'm not sure if he did it every year, but Dave Fanning did an end-of-year "best-of" of interview clips that he'd done during the year and that's where this came from.I take it to be from 1981, 'cos Track 12 is discussing a track on 1981s 'Moments and Mine' EP..


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