Monday, 10 June 2019

The Sisters of Mercy - Leeds University, Leeds, UK - 16.03.1985 - 2 Versions (Flac)

Two versions of the same concert, one from the bootleg CD and the other from a complete tape.

Bootleg CD Version:

lineage: audience recording of unknown generation -> Tune In... Turn Off... Burn Out bootleg CD (1991 Classics Limited CL 004) -> secure EAC rip (log included) -> wav-files upsampled to 32bit in Adobe Audition -> clean-up (phase correction / normalisation / speed-adjustment in line with copy from master tape) -> dither to 16bit -> new tracksplits in CD Wave Editor -> FLAC

01. First And Last And Always
02. Body And Soul
03. Alice
04. Body Electric
05. Nine While Nine
06. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
07. Ghostrider / Louie Louie

Tape Version:

The full John Kend bootleg!

The great "Tune In... Turn Off... Burn Out..." bootleg apparently used John's tape as the underlying source. However this is the full gig.

Sound quality is very good. No Lineage.

01. Intro
02. First And Last And Always
03. Body And Soul
04. Train
05. Marian
06. No Time To Cry
07. Possession
08. Walk Away
09. Burn
10. Emma
11. Amphetamine Logic
12. [Audience]
13. A Rock And A Hard Place
14. Floorshow
15. Alice
16. Body Electric
17. Gimme Shelter
18. [Audience]
19. Nine While Nine
20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
21. Ghostrider - Louie Louie

Bootleg CD Version


Complete Tape Version



  1. Great shares, many thanks to all involved, much appreciated.

  2. Now we need the full 1985-05-10 - Schlachthof, Bremen gig!!!

  3. I saw this on Dime and was waffling over downloading due to share ratio... so thanks for having it here now!

  4. Thank you this is an awesome gig wish they'd filmed it rather than RAH

  5. I gotta bookmark this website it seems extremely helpful very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. tried it 3 times , but keep getting "temporary error, retrying" message. but it never finishes. mega used to work perfectly for me. wont work anymore. i use firefox. really a drag.....

    1. Mega doesn't play well with Firefox. Try another browser (eg Chrome) or use Mega's app.

  7. Hi, thanks for the post. Could you please reupload the Heavenly Bodies stuff? Theres a few demos and bootlegs that you posted here before, but the links are all dead... Also, if thats not asking too much, could you please upload their EP (if you have it) or anything more by them , because the only release by that group available online for download is the Celestial full-length... Well, thanks in advance!

  8. Request-

    This is showing on for only a few more weeks. I can’t get it because I’m not in the UK.

    Documentary about the emergence of acid house in the UK in the 1980s.

    Program here-

    Trailer here-

    Many thanks.

  9. Ah ha, never mind. Somebody put a version up on yt.


  10. Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.This is so nice.

  11. hey DCR...haven't seen anything new for a while...are you still operating? I think there's a bit of a drought with the Goth[y] type bootlegs at the moment to be honest.

  12. Hi Circle, Will you be continuing with this blog site?

  13. hey DCR...have you called it a day, haven't seen anything new for 5 months...hope everything's ok.

  14. Is this Blog site still going or have you stopped