Friday, 18 March 2011

Front Line Assembly - Club Abaton, Prague, Czech Republic - 01.09.2006 (DVD)

Very good audience DVD with some extras that are a real treat, my favourite is the entire FM broadcast of the concert. Thanks to cEnda for the links.

01. Buried Alive
02. Vigilante
03. Dead Planet **
04. Bio-Mechanic **
05. Maniacal **
06. Backlash **
07. Millennium **
08. Prophecy
09. Unleashed **
10. Plasticity
11. Gun
12. Mindphaser

** video tracks

Incomplete Stromkern show
Complete FLA show in audio (radio broadcast)
Photos from Prague and Munich

Live band are:
Bill Leeb - vocals, keyboards, percussion
Chris Peterson - keyboards
Jeremy Inkel - keyboards
Adrian White - drums, percussion, vocals
Jared Slingerland - guitars, percussion
Glen Reely - live sound

Video record by Petra, Miguel, cEnda
Photos from Prague by Petra, cEnda, Miguel
Photos from Munich by Davina
Cover by eGr

Thanks to:
Front Line Assembly, Stromkern, Radio 1, Abaton,,,,

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