Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - Soundwave Festival, Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia - 26.02.2012 (Flac)

The first concert from 2012 to surface, a short set from the TSOM slot at the Australian festival, Soundwave. The sound is not perfect, but it's very listenable. Cover by reverend.

Thanks to  defactoboy for taping and letting me share his recording here, Also thanks to Ocean Moves for allowing his photos to be included on the RAR file.

Taper: defactoboy
Lineage: sony icd-ux71f with Unknown Mic -> Ableton -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac ( Level 8 )


01. Soundcheck
02. Temple Of Love
03. Ribbons
04. Alice
05. Crash And Burn
06. Dr Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
07. This Corrosion
08. Summer
09. Lucretia (My Reflection)
10. Vision Thing
11. More

Includes the photosets from defactoboy and Ocean Moves.


All About Eve - Demos - 1985 (Flac)

Thanks to roverinexile for sharing this gem here. The sound of the band was a lot less folk orientated at this stage of heir carrer.

These early All About Eve demos come from late 1985 or early 1986.  I've seen them listed as either year.  I suspect they are from late 1985 as they mostly contain tracks that were part of their live set in December 85. Most of the tracks were not released on their early singles.

01 All Of Our Faces
02 Love Leads Nowhere
03 Understand
04 No Eden
05 Heaven
06 End Of The Day
07 In The Clouds
08 End Of The Day
09 In The Clouds
10 Another Door
11 Understand
12 Angel

Received in a trade 20 years ago.

TDK D90 > Aiwa tape deck > Audacity > CD Wav to split files > TLH > FLAC

Check out my well-intentioned but rarely updated blog:

For a wealth of information on All About Eve, be sure to visit: http://www.goony.nl/aae/aae.htm

Convert to mp3 for personal use only.  Do not circulate without this info file.  Do not post on website in mp3 format without permission.


Butthole Surfers - ‘The Scott & Gary Show’, Metro Access Cable Studios, NYC - 03.10.1984 (ProShot DVD)

Another great DVD shared by here by S+©kmªÑ.

Source\ Lineage: ¾” U-Matic(m)>VHS(1)>Toshiba Standalone (XP Mode)>DVD

Big thanks to Jeff Krulick for the master source!

1) >color test<
2) >production info<
3) >The Scott & Gary Show opening<
4) >Scott Lewis monologue<
5) >Scott introduces the band<
6) To Parter
7) Tornadoes
8) >interview<
9) >back to the instruments<
10) Mexican Caravan
11) >send tapes to:<
12) 100 Million tease
13) Cherub
14) Cowboy Bob

G-Spot States:
DVD "VOB" format
MPEG-2 Program Stream << { 1 vid, 1 aud }
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR

Credits to:
Jeff Krulick for the master source , notsaved for authoring and providing

Lou Reed - UK TV Appeareances 1984 - 2003 (ProShot DVD)

This one appeared on DIME and then disappeared. I don't know why, but it's quite good, so it's a pity to be inacessible. Thanks to the person who shared this on DIME (I can't find who it was).

Original Info File:

Hopefully you will like this compilation of Lou Reed UK TV appearances that I taped over the years.
All (apart from track 04) were recorded by me onto VHS tape. Track 04 was from my Virgin+ box to my DVD recorder.

Lineage (except track 04): TV > Either B&O VHS Recorder or Mitsubishi HS-561V VHS Recorder > My VHS tapes > Panasonic NV-FJ610 VHS Player >
Panasonic DMR-E100H DVD Recorder > DVD > DVDDecrypter > PC
Lineage (track 04): TV > Virgin+ box > Panasonic DMR-E100H DVD Recorder > DVD > DVDDecrypter > PC


Whistle Test (originally broadcast 18th December 1984 on BBC TWO TV) - 8:28
01 I Love You, Suzanne
02 Interview
03 Doin' The Things That We Want To

Whistle Test (part of the same session as above but not broadcast until the late 1990s on BBC TV - my version was broadcast in 2007 on BBC FOUR TV) - 3:27
04 I'm Waiting For The Man

The White Room (originally broadcast 22nd April 1995 on Channel 4 TV - billed as Dave Stewart featuring Lou Reed) - 14:21
05 Dirty Boulevard
06 Jealousy (a Dave Stewart song with Lou contributing some vocals and guitar)
07 Walk On The Wild Side

The White Room (originally broadcast 10th February 1996 on Channel 4 TV) - 9:47
08 Hookywooky
09 Satellite Of Love

The White Room (part of the same session as above but not broadcast until 2nd March 1996 on Channel 4 TV) - 4:29
10 Sex With Your Parents

Later...With Jools Holland (originally broadcast 20th May 2000 on BBC TWO TV) - 6:48
11 Rock Minuet

Later...With Jools Holland (originally broadcast 16th May 2003 on BBC TWO TV) - 13:33
12 Interview
13 Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)
14 Perfect Day (with Antony Hegarty sharing some of the vocals)

Total: 1 hour 01 minutes

DVD VIDEO INFO: format: pal | bitrate: 4.22 Mbps | aspect: 4:3 | codec: mpeg2 | resolution: 704x576 | frames/sec: 25.00
DVD AUDIO INFO: codec: lpcm | sampling: 48 khz | 256 kbps | mono & stereo | dolby digital

No video menu or artwork.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - Caley Palais, Edinburgh, Scotland - 04.10.1984 (Flac)

The first concert from the legendary Black October Tour.

No Time To Cry
A Rock And A Hard Place
Walk Away
Body Electric
Gimme Shelter
Ghostrider / Sister Ray

Simple Minds - Admiralspalast, Berlin - 19.02.2012 (Flac)

I have to admit that the first 5 albums from SM are great, so this new tour is just the best thing they could have done. Be sure to check them when they tour near you, it's probably the only chance you'll get to hear most of these songs live. Thanks to the taper for sharing his recording! Excellent sound.

Disc 1:  (set 1)
01.  Intro
02.  I Travel
03.  Thirty Frames a Second
04.  Today I Died Again
05.  Life in a Day
06.  Hunter and the Hunted
07.  Premonition
08.  Wasteland
09.  This Fear of Gods
10.  Love Song
11.  Pleasantly Disturbed
12.  Room

Disc 2:  (set 2)
12.  The American
13.  70 Cities as Love Brings the Fall
14.  Sons And Fascination
15.  Calling Your Name
16.  Changeling
17.  Factory
18.  Scar
19.  Promised You A Miracle
20.  Someone Somewhere in Summertime
21.  Theme For Great Cities
22.  King Is White and in the Crowd
23.  Someone
24.  Chelsea Girl
25.  Glittering Prize
26.  New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

approx. 129 mins

Recording Info:
recorded by Vortex242
OKM IIr (hat mounted) > A3 > EDIROL R-09HR (48/24) >
USB > WAV > Adobe Audition 3 (EQing, 44.1/16) > CDwave
(tracking) > Traders Little Helper (level 6, verify, with align
on sector boundaries) > Tracker

Feel free to spread this on other trackers
but don't forget to support the artist by buying the
official releases and going to their shows!

All About Eve - Croydon Underground - 16.01.1986 (Flac)

Another true gem, shared here by roverinexile. Huge Thank YOU.

Received in a trade 20 years ago.

TDK D90 > Aiwa tape deck > Audacity > CD Wav to split files > FLAC


01 Heaven
02 In The Clouds
03 Where Will You Find It?
04 Angel
05 Another Door
06 Love Leads Nowhere
07 Suppertime
08 End Of The Day
09 Don't Follow Me (March Hare)

Check out my well-intentioned but rarely updated blog:

Convert to mp3 for personal use only.  Do not circulate without this info file.  Do not post on website in mp3 without permission.


Anna Calvi - Daytrotter Session - 2012 (Free Download)

Here's something really interesting brought to my atention by reverend. Big Thanks for the tip.

If you visit Anna Calvi's official site and follow the path shown below:

http://annacalvi.com/ --> News --> Tue, 7'Feb 2012 DAYTROTTER SESSION

you get a FREE download of a 5-track US radio session.

01. Intro (Welcome to Daytrotter)
02. Wolf Like Me
03. Love Won't Be Leaving
04. Suzanne and I
05. Rider To The Sea


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Siglo XX - Lens, France - 13.04.1986 (Flac)

A new Siglo XX transfer made by Dimitroy for DCR. A very special Thank You for his continous contributions.

Source: audience
Generation: low gen
Taper : ?
Quality: good 

Lineage:  my analog tape Sony HF 90 (tape trade from 1991) > Luxman k-110w tape deck > cd audio standalone LG adr-620 > cd-ex (extracting the .wav files) > cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > Trader's Little Helper (flac 6)

01 Moving Creatures (debut missing)
02 Some Have A Laughter
03 Dreams Of Pleasure
04 Babies On A Battlefield
05 It's All Over Now
06 Fear
07 Ride
08 Death Row
09 The Beginning
10 Death Row (2)
11 Sweet Jane (Lou Reed cover)
12 Obsession
13 The Passenger (Iggy Pop cover)
14 The Fall
15 The Beginning (2)

Length : 58 min 47
File size : 593 mo (.wav) / 322 mo (flac)

Transferred & uploaded by Dimitroy, February 2012.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Cure - Palais Saint Sauveur, Lille, France - 13.10.1981 (Flac)

Very good classic bootleg, vapturing the tour promoting the "Faith" album. Thanks to Dimitroy for letting me share his rip here in DCR.

Original Source : french radio broadcast
Source : bootleg "Accuracy"
Lineage : dd
silver disc  > Cd-ex software (extracting the .wav files) > Trader's little Helper (flac) > you
.wav Size : 862 Mo
flac size : 380 mo
length: 89 mn
Quality : B

Set list :

1.01  In Your House   3:50
1.02  Drowning Man   6:11
1.03  10:15 Saturday Night  4:08
1.04  Accuracy   2:46
1.05  The Funeral Party  4:43
1.06  M    3:58
1.07  Primary   3:38
1.08  Other Voices   4:50
1.09  All Cats Are Grey  5:20

2.01  At Night   6:40
2.02  3 Imaginary Boys  3:15
2.03  Fire In Cairo   3:00
2.04  Play For Today   3:45
2.05  Splintered In Her Head  6:00
2.06  A Forest   8:05
2.07  Faith    9:20
2.08  Grinding Halt   3:20

Seeded on Dimeadozen by Dimitroy, January 2012.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tricky - Glastonbury Festival - 26.06.1995

Good sounding FM recording sent by JapBomb to share here. Small but with a brilliant setlist.

01. Ponderosa
02. Hell Is Round The Corner
03. Strugglin'
04. Overcome
05. Black Steel


Luc Van Acker - Belpop Ketnet Canvas, Documentary - 07.11.2011 (Video)

A one hour documentary about Luc Van Acker, from his early days as electronic music pioneer until today, including interviews with him, members of the bands he joined (Shriekback, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, etc.), some record labels ARs and music critics. The only down side it's the fact that most of it is spoken in Flemish... Features a lot of clips from live performances, including some of the Wax Trax birthday party in Chicago last year. Thanks to S+©kmªÑ for sharing his capture.

You can check a trailer here:


Foetus - Alternative Nation Segment (Video)

Small segment featuring a Foetus interview on Alternative Nation, including some video clips. Thanks to S+©kmªÑ for sharing his capture.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - Kabuki Theatre, San Francisco - 01.06.1985 (Flac)

Thanks to Cyberbio for sharing this one, a long time ago on DIME.

So here´s the first US show from this tour - still waiting for more 2008 shows to come up....
Think this is quite a nice one, with Body Electric as final encore.

Source: Cassette - ION Tape2PC - Audacity - CD Wave - Flac (level 8) - You


01.  Intro
02. First And Last And Always
03. Body And Soul
04. Marian
05. No Time To Cry
06.  Possession
07. Walk Away
08.  Emma
09.  Amphetamine Logic
10.  A Rock And A Hard Place
11.  Floorshow
12.  Alice
13.  Gimme Shelter
14.  Knocking On Heavens Door
15.  Train
16.  Body Electric

Siglo XX - 4-Track Demos - xx.04.1981 (Flac)

Compilation of demos from this excellent band, with two rare tracks from compilations as bonus. A wonderful surprise sent by Dimitroy to post here. Huge THANK YOU to him.

Lineage: my analog tape (tape trade from 1990) > Luxman k-110w tape deck > cd audio standalone LG adr-620 > cd-ex (extracting the .wav files) > cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > Trader's Little Helper (flac 6)

Set list:
01 Whispers
02 Fall
03 Obsession
04 Future
05 Factory
06 Calculated Mistakes
07 Good News
08 Progress
09 Caraïbian Nightmares

+ bonus
10 Obsession (from "No Big Business" LP compilation, 1981)
11 The Fall (from "The Dice Are Rolling" LP compilation 1986)

File size : 177 mo (flac)

Transferred & uploaded by Dimitroy, February 2012.


Anna Calvi - Irish Broadcasts 2011/2012 (Flac)

Very good compilation of FM and TV broadcasts. Track 4 is actually 2 songs. Thanks to the original uploader,

Anna Calvi Irish Broadcast Segments 2011-2012 Recived Direct Off Air With Analog Recivers.
Tv Sound via UHF Soundchannel And Dipole Antenna.

Transfer Info.Tv via Philips Nicam Set Ear Out (Stereo Fly Lead ) Radio via sony Port Unit Cfd s33l Ear out, (Stereo Fly Lead ) To line In Input Audigy soundforge Soundcard As Wav Files At 44 Khz,split as wavs.

Traders Little Helper Flac Front End Compression 8 To Internet.

Rte Tv Ch 2 13 March 2011 (sound only).
Other Voices Tv Show St James Church Dingle Co Kerry,Recorded Dec 2010.
01 Blackout.
02 Interview.
03 Love Wont be leaving.
Rte Radio Two F.M. 90.7 Live Netherlands Eurosonic Festival 12 January 2012.
Dan Hegerty Show.

04 Suzane And I / Desire

Phathom 105 F.M. (Dublin Area) Tx 20 Jan 2012.

05 Interview.

Please Support Anna Calvis Music With Online Or Hardcopy Buy.
No selling  For This, Free Distro Only.


Terminal Gods - The Library, Leeds, UK - 04.02.2012

Excellent live recording shared by this cool band, visit them at their website http://www.terminal-gods.co.uk/ for news on forthcoming live events and since you're there, you can buy their new 7'' Single or some very nice merchandise.


01. The Night Life
02. Red Light Love
03. Kiss and Change
04. Shine
05. Electric Eyes
06. Powerhouse
07. Constrictor
08. God Child


Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - 2 Interviews - 1991 (Flac)


Thanks to Dan for this one. For a change two interviews without Andrew Eldritch.

TDKD90(from Camden Market 1991/92) > Soundforge > flac(6)

MTV 120 Minutes, 1991.04.19
- First And Last And Always (clip) - Compadre Stadium, Chandler, Arizona, 1991.04.19
- Tony & Tim interview

CINX Detroit 1991.07.13
- Commercial for gig at Detroit Chene Park, 1991.07.13
- Interview with Andreas over the phone


The Cure - U.S. TV Appearances 2000-2004 (ProShot DVD)

Excellent ProShot compilation. Thanks to yogilou for sharing this collection on DIME.

Original Info File:


Transferred from 1st generation VHS tapes.
Lineage: Satellite broadcast>HI FI Stereo VHS tape (SP mode)>Pinnacle Studio DV AVI>DVD
PCM Stereo
Bit Rate: >9,000 Kbps
Picture Resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Length: 45 minutes
Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes

During the 2000-2004 period, The Cure made several U.S. television appearances to promote "Bloodflowers", "The Cure" and the Curiosa Festival. I was ready with my VCR to record whatever I was aware of. I just dug these tapes out and realized I had enough to create a decent compilation, and here it is. This is all first generation and in great shape. The appearances included here are MADtv (2000), Craig Kilborn (2003), Jay Leno (2004) and Pepsi Smash (2004). The song list follows.

The Songs:

MADtv (broadcast 2000)-
  Maybe Someday
  Inbetween Days

Craig Kilborn-
Broadcast 9/19/2003:
  Show introduction
  Carl Reiner Segment (Cure related)
  10:15 Saturday Night
  Robert Smith Interview (tape runs out during segment)
Broadcast the next week:
  Just Like Heaven

Jay Leno (broadcast May 2004):
  The End of the World

Pepsi Smash (broadcast June 3, 2004)
  Robert Smith Interview (recorded at RFK Stadium 5-22-2004)
  The End of the World (recorded at RFK Stadium 5-22-2004)
  Lovesong (recorded at RFK Stadium 5-22-2004)

Ministry - On Broadway, Chicago, IL - 18.05.1982

Very early days concert from Ministry. Excelent sound, thanks to cEnda for sending me this one to share here.

This show was recorded and broadcast by WXRT in Chicago.  It's a great soundboard recording from the band's early days.  This show is commonly mislabeled as 11/1/83 (the date of a rebroadcast?), XX/XX/83 Boston, and XX/XX/82 Chicago @ Cabaret Metro. 

Al Jourgensen - vocals, keyboards
Stephen George - drums
Bob Roberts - Keyboards
John Davis - Keyboards

Some additional notes on this show:

Before Same Old Madness, Al claims that it's the next single.  Obviously that never happened, probably due to the move to Arista.

Before Effigy, Al dedicates it to "Jim and Danny from Wax Trax... and Carol".  The former are, of course, Jim Nash and Danny Flesher, the founders of Wax Trax records.  The latter is Carol Blank, one of the staff of the fledgeling record company who had taken her own life the previous year.  The album With Sympathy is also dedicated to her.


01. Same Old Madness
02. Revenge
03. Effigy
04. Primental
05. I'm Falling
06. Overkill


David Sylvian - Ambush The World 2001/2002 - (2 DVDs)

Another great one from the Vaults of cEnda.

Original Info File:

First of all, I would like to say, I did no work whatsoever on this DVD. ALL the credit is listed on the DVD. I am nowhere near that talented. For more info and sample go to:
This is a 2 disc DVD  featuring a unique performance by David Sylvian from his 'Everything & Nothing' tour 2001/2002. Although it is filmed on camcorder, the quality is very good and the guy who put it all together has spent a lot of time and effort editing and keeping the best bits in. You will be impressed with how good this is. Having seen it, I'm geussing that the footage comes from London and Milan but if anyone knows better let us know.
This production runs for 2 hours 15 mins approx, and is a multi-angled mixture from various shows from the tour interspersed with rare and non-live footage.

Full tracklisting:
15. BUOY.
25. DARKEST DREAMING (Instrumental)

Also includes a bonus material DVD
"Passing Tides"

A collection of rare promotional videos

01. September
02. Bamboo Music
03. Forbidden Colours
04. Red Guitar
05. The Ink in the Well
06. Pulling Punches
07. Silver Moon
08. Orpheus
09. Blackwater
10. Jean the Birdman
11. Ti Ho Aspettato
12. Linoleum
13. Exit/Delete





Cabaret Voltaire - Keystone, Berkeley - 25.10.1980 (Flac)

Very good sound, Thanks to posidonius for sharing this one on DIME.

Original Info File:

tape - audacity - trader's little helper - flac 8

Great setlist from the Voice of America tour
I think this is a really good show of C.B., especially for the "this is entertainment" version.


01. Photophobia
02. Kneel to the boss
03. This is entertainment
04. Expect nothing
05. No escape
06. Seconds too late
07. Easter mantra

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - Academy, Manchester, UK - 04.05.2006 (Flac)

Another great recording share initially on the Tarquin Live blog that went missing, here's the re-upload.
DAT Recording FLAC

Crash and burn
Train / Detonation Boulevard
When you don't see me
Flood I
(We are the same) Suzanne
Giving ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
Romeo down
This corrosion
Something fast
Lucretia my reflection
Top nite out
Temple of love

Chameleons Vox - Santiago Alquimista, Lisboa, Portugal - 03.07.2010 (Flac)

I really wanted to go to this one, but couldn't because of work, but now I can at least hear it, thanks to another excellent master by Ziggy, huge thanks for letting me share it here!

Source: Zoom H2 (WAV - 44,10 kHz / 24 bit) Rear Mic Mid level
Recorded by: ziggyswoon

Good show and good recording even if the sound in the venue and my location for capture was not the best.

Last time members of The Chameleons have been in Portugal was 27 years ago. So, this show was long awaited and of course expectations were high even if we would only have half the original band. The show was intense and the crowd very enthusiastic.A very special moment in time. This master is circulating for the first time. Dime 07-02-2012.

Share and enjoy!
PLEASE, don't trade in lossy format but ABOVE ALL DON'T SELL!!

01. Perfume Garden
02. Pleasure and Pain
03. Monkeyland
04. Mad Jack
05. Less Than Human
06. Soul In Isolation
07. Nostalgia
08. Seriocity
09. In Answer
10. Singing Rule Brittania
11. Second Skin
12. encore/ In Shreds
13. Up the Down Escalator
14. Encore
15. Swamp Thing
16. Tears
17. Don´t Fall

Total Playing Time: 96' 38''

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - Academy, Manchester - 01.09.2000 (Flac)

Another re-upload for the Tarquin Live blog. This one is really, really excellent.

DAT Recording FLAC


Train / Detonation Boulevard
Will I Dream?
Dominion/Mother Russia
Giving Ground
Crash And Burn
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
On The Wire / Teachers
We Are The Same, Susanne
Romeo Down
Flood I
War On Drugs
Temple Of Love
Something Fast
Flood II
Top Nite Out
Vision Thing

David Sylvian - Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, Holland - 21.10.2007 (DVD)

Huge thanks to cEnda for his continuous contribution on DCR, anther great share!

This is an excellent private recording (both picture and audio) filmed very close to the stage with some great close ups of Sylvian.


David Sylvian - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Jansen - Percussion, Keyboards
Keith Lowe - Bass
Takuma Watanabe - Piano
Hayden Chisholm - Woodwind

01. Wonderful World
02. It'll Never Happen Again
03. World Citizen
04. The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
05. Ride
06. Playground Martyrs / Transit
07. Fire in The Forest / Ghosts
08. Snow Borne Sorrow
09. Mother & Child
10. Atom & Cell
11. Sugar Fuel
12. Brilliant Trees / Before The Bullfight
13. The Librarian
14. Every Colour You Are / Riverman


Peter Hook and the Light - Festival Paredes de Coura, Paredes de Coura, Portugal - 30.07.2010 (Flac)

A short but sweet FM broadcast, only two songs, but it couldn't be a better selection. Thanks to ziggu for letting me share his capture here.

This is all that was allowed to be Broadcasted by Antena3. Only added a fade in on the first and out on the last track.

Enjoy, feel free to trade and share but please use mp3 just for personal
Ziggy :-)

Source: FM Broadcast>Tuner Denon TU-460>Amplifier Technics SU-V500>Zoom H2
line in>WAV - 44,10 kHz / 16 bit


01. Transmission
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart

Butthole Surfers - On TV Volume 1 - 1989/1995 (ProShot DVD)

Thanks to everyone involved in the making of This DVD and to S+©kmªÑ for sharing it here!

Source: BHS Family BBQ/MTV Headbanger's Ball 1993 (Notsaved) > ntsc vhs(m) > avt-8710 > sa (XP) > dvdr  > tmpgenc3 > dvdr(1)
Source: TV Broadcasts (BC-Hothcanada) > ntsc vhs > avt-8710 > sa (XP) > dvdr  > tmpgenc3 > dvdr(1)
Source: "P" (Rawtime) 4 camcorders switched live > unedited master tape > dvdr (unknown transfer) > tmpgenc3 > dvdr(1)
Quality: Varies, B+ to A

Notes: A long time in the coming, this compilation is sourced from the lowest generation tapes available at the moment.This first of three volumes is a true team effort with many kudos to BC, Hothcanada, Notsaved and Rawtime.

1989 Family BBQ 'Home Video'
1989-11-05 Much Music @ Reading Festival, England
1992-06-20 BHS in trouble @ NYC AIDS benefit MTV News Report 
1992-06-20 BHS in trouble @ NYC AIDS benefit MTV News Report
1993-03-24 Gibby and King @ MTV's 120 Minutes Intro
1993-03-24 Gibby and King  @ MTV Alternative Nation
1993-03-24 Gibby and King @ MTV Alternative Nation Pt.II
1993-06-12 Gibby and Paul @ MTV's Headbangers Ball (includes 'Who Was In My Room Last Night' promo and an acoustic performance of  'Wooden Song')
1993-07-02 Castaic Lake Report (with excellent live footage)
1993-03-17 'P' @ Austin Chronicle Music Awards
1995-10-06 Meat Puppets with Paul O'Leary @ Conan O'Brien

Credits to:
BC, Notsaved and Rawtime for the tapes
Hothcanada, Notsaved and Rawtime for the transfers
Weldermatt for authoring