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Ultravox - Stage One, Buffalo, NY, USA - 04.03.1979 (Flac)

Very Good FM broadcast. Thans to the original uploader and the person who remastered it.

Original Info File:

2nd show - speed corrected

 Soundforge was used to correct the speed, and nothing else, including bb's notes:

 SBD>tape(1st copy)>CDR(Ph.CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8)>speed correction>EAC>FLAC(8)

 I got this in trade for more than 25 years,first copy from master tape,excellent sound.Good old days with the one and only Ultravox front man John Foxx. Great performance with a lot of electronics and violin parts.I think,this is one of the best performances from early Ultravox that you can get.Enjoy it!
Some songs are from John Foxx solo albums and I`m sure, you never heard the Ultravox versions.I think the track 09.Radio Beach is never released on any  album from Ultravox or John Foxx solo work.

 John Foxx:   vocals
 Chris Cross: Bass
 Billy Currie: Keyboards / Violin
 Warren Cann: Drums
 Robin Simon: guitar

remaster notes:
  this was posted on Dec. 2008 by pernod. This appears to be either a different date or show than listed, since they played 2 shows in Boston on March 3rd and 2 more on the 4th.
The BBC broadcast posted a few times before is from one of those shows, and that is an edited version of the show missing about 20 min. this doesn't sound like that show. If it's from Buffalo, it's probably a day or two before or after the listed date.
It needed speed correction (again) so I slowed it by 9.5 cents, it needed retracking, since several tracks began with several seconds of applause, and the levels were recorded too high with
clipping throughout. (not horribly, but noticably) there were also short (about .005 sec.) gaps at most of the track breaks. not any more. there were also some problems in the right side during
some parts of "blue light" (or else the soundman doesn't care much for David Gilmour titles) so I monoized some short sections to cover up the missing sound without ruining it. this was an almost-deleter when I got it. Now it's considerably better, glad I remastered instead of deleted (I can't listen to pepped Ultravox, it just didn't sound like them before). and listening to it as I write this info text, it
sounds pretty decent (after 4 tries to get the speed to sound right, this is the only one to get posted) I also cut out a very short section of recorder turn-on noise at the start of track 9 (only about .01 of
a second) I think I got the speed right, this Ultravox band has a very distinct tone and sound to them, especially John Foxx.
I've heard enough of this tour to know what it should sound like. I wouldn't be able to attempt doing this to a Jack DeJohnette's Directions recording. I think anyone who heard this before will
find this more than a little improvement.
 I was able to splice tracks 10 and 11 quite inconspicuously, you may not even notice the splice if you're not listening carefully. and also made every song into one track as follows:
runtime: 68:58

01: the man who dies every day 6:08
02: slip away 4:19
03: slow motion 3:47 >
04: Hiroshima mon amour 4:03
05: touch and go 5:03
06: artificial life 5:13
07: just for a moment 4:00
08: he's a liquid 5:50
09: quiet man 3:52 (apparent tape flip after)
10: radio beach 3:48
11: I can't stay long (spliced) 3:50
12: someone else's clothes 5:53
13: blue light 3:59 >
14: rockwrok 5:14
15: my sex 3:53

 this adds about 24 seconds of music to the previous posting, and some of the finest spent 24 seconds an Ultravox fan can hope for, because now you're hearing them play in normal key.
Do not sell this recording. trade freely and losslessly. 



  1. Great one, circle! Thanks to the great early Ultravox collector garychching from Always Searching For Music, I can offer up a previous post of mine, "Ultravox - Unsung Songs - Unreleased 1976-79", which includes all three known versions of Radio Beach (Boston, Buffalo, Detroit) which indeed was never recorded in the studio. Also in the post are "TV Orphans", "I Won't Play Your Game" and "I Came Back Here To Meet You" (great one, that!), three unreleased live tracks from one of the earliest Ultravox appearances on RockPop TV in Germany in 1976 (.flv files of the gig also included). Find it here (mediafire link still live):, and don't forget to check out the comments there. For those who want the (only version available of the) audio of the 1976 German gig, look here (uploaded link still live):

    And for the pre-urinal Ultravox fans, the three gigs not to miss are:
    - the full version of the Boxing Day 1978 gig at the Marquee:
    - the lossless radio broadcast of the gig on 1979.02.23 Hot Club Philadephia which is currently offline (I can send it over if requested). Gary's original 14-track mp3 version (not the 12-track version which often circulates) is still live here:
    - the pre-FM gig on 1979.03.02 Paradise Theatre, Boston (London Concert Hour, best known version mp3@205 kbps, currently offline but I can send it over too if requested..

    All three are indispensable as is the 1975 single by Ultravox as Tiger Lily.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Exciting news! Some of the top-quality soundboard recordings made in 1979-80 mostly in San Francisco by KALX FM engineer Terry Hammer are online, including an uncirculated Ultravox gig:

    Ultravox - 1979.03.13 Old Waldorf SF, rec. Terry Hammer, mp3@320, 1 file

    Use Internet Explorer for the right-click, save target as feature ...

    Artwork (misdated):

    Other groups:

    Terry's recordings, not all available:

    Go get, you won't regret! Cheers, Dave Sez.