Thursday, 12 February 2015

Alice Cooper - Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland - 19.02.1982 (Flac)

FM Broadcast. Thanks to taurus for sharing it first.

Original Info File.

The Band:
Erik Scott - Bass
Wayne Cook - Keyboards
Jan Uvena - Drums
Mike Pinera - Guitar
John Nitzinger - Guitar

01) Who Do You Think We Are 5:02 (official release - not included)
02) Model Citizen 2:57 (official release - not included)
03) Go to Hell 5:37
04) Guilty 4:21
05) I'm Eighteen 4:41
06) Cold Ethyl 2:50
07) Only Women Bleed 2:55
08) No More Mr. Nice Guy 3:07
09) Clones (We're All) 2:50
10) Under My Wheels 2:55 (official release - not included)
11) I Never Cry 3:00
12) Seven & Seven Is 3:02
13) Grim Facts 3:12
14) Pain 4:45
15) Billion Dollar Babies 2:58
16) Generation Landslide 3:59
17) School's Out (q:Vicious Rumors fades out)13:53

No lineage that would be particularily helpful. This comes from a cassette that I bought back in the mid-eighties.
So here's the best I can do:
FM>unknown cassette recorder>unknown generation normal bias cassette>transfer to hd with TEAC R-425 MKII and 16 bit recorder>edit SoundForge 4>flac encode level 7>you

My recording ran a bit slow so I adjusted the pitch about a half a semi-tone. I used the For Britian Only EP to measure correct pitch so it should be pretty accurate.
Not a bad recording, some hiss due to my original tape being on a normal bias tape.
Sorry I couldn't include WDYTWA, MC and UMW but rules are rules. I listed those tracks in case you have them already or ever track them down so you can put them in the right order.
This show was made available on 2 commercial boots as far as I know. One is a record called "No More Mr. Nice Guy" that had most of the show but excludes Model Citizen the other was a cd of the same name but it used only a portion of the show and a few songs were edited down as well. This cassette is from niether the record or cd.

I'm a fan of the Special Forces era and like this show quite a bit, even if Alice's voice isn't in top form. Would be nice if a pre-FM surfaces some day.

Enjoy and please share freely,