Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Ride - Black Sessions, Paris, France - 02.07.1994 (Flac)

Excellent sounding FM recording.Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Source: FM
Lineage: FM>DAT>CDR>iTunes>WAV>MacFLAC(level8)
Taped by: unknown
Transferred by: Ride trader extraordinaire Guy Brookfield

01 How Does It Feel To Feel?
02 1000 Miles
03 Let's Get Lost
04 OX4
05 Natural Grace
06 Birdman
07 Only Now
08 Magical Spring
09 Chelsea Girl
10 At The End Of The Universe (end cut due to commercial and announcers talking)
11 Drive Blind

Per cbx's request a while back. Sorry I took so long!

Excellent quality recording from the Carnival Of Light period. I like it when the guitars are a little rawer sounding than
this but this recording is very clear and solid. I don't know the DAT or CDR generations for sure since people didn't used
to care so much about that but i'm fairly sure it went DATM>DATC>CDR>CDR.

There is a little bit of diginoise at times. Sounds like DAT diginoise. You might not even hear it. There are also a few
very small dropouts during 1000 Miles, OX4, and Drive Blind. Enjoy!


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