Monday, 6 July 2015

David Sylvian - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - 30.05.1988 (Flac)

Thanks to Renzo for sharing this one.

Original Info File:

soundboard recording

rdwm 2015 revision

This is the best available recording of the 1988 tour and it's welll known by fans.

Source files are affected by lot of saturation clicks/crackles
due to a non perfect analog to digital transfer process.
All major issues plus some minor have been corrected one by one using iZotope RX3.

all other audio editing processes made using HarBal and Wavelab.


D1T01 Ancient Evening
D1T02 Incantation
D1T03 Orpheus
D1T04 Before The Bullfight
D1T05 Taking The Veil
D1T06 Weathered Wall
D1T07 The Boy With The Gun
D1T08 Riverman
D1T09 The Grand Parade (Mark Isham)
D1T10 Band Introduction
D1T11 The Ink In The Well
D1T12 Nostalgia
D2T01 Forbidden Colours/Backwaters
D2T02 Brilliant Trees
D2T03 Steel Cathedrals
D2T04 Let The Happiness In
D2T05 Gone To Earth
D2T06 Awakening

David Sylvian: keybs, guitar and vocals
Steve Jansen: drums and percussions
Richard Barbieri: keybs
David Torn: lead guitar
Ian Maidman: bass and percussions
Robby Aceto: guitars and keybs
Mark Isham: flügelhorn, trumpet, soprano sax and keybs

DO NOT RETOUCH/REMASTER THIS EDITION - you can do your own starting from the source
DO NOT UPLOAD on other torrent site - I will do myself




  1. Muchísimas gracias desde México, hoy un día tan especial para nosotros.
    Hasta siempre!!

  2. Una joya de registro, Sylvian y una banda de categoria, muchas gracias desde Chile !!

  3. Thank you so much. What a great recording. Brings back memories.