Tuesday, 21 July 2015

RE-UPLOAD: Dead Can Dance - Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes, uk - 06.10.1984 (Flac)

Another early recording. Thanks to  Josef for sharing it on DIME.

Original Info File:

A recording claiming to be this gig has been available for some time and a copy was recently seeded by Thingol (Dime seed number 216769). However that one has the wrong tracklisting and looks as though it's the Fulham gig, from the night before, minus the last track which was 'Threshold' (see seed number 216893).

Given this confusion it's unclear whether or not a 'proper' recording of Milton Keynes has done the rounds before, although RC was also there and almost certainly taped it.

Anyway, this was a low key gig outside London, supporting the Fall. Unlike Fulham the night before, I don't think it was advertised in the music press. DCD came on really early and mostly played to a small handful of bemused Fall fans.

I recorded this on the same dodgy Sony Professional that I used to tape Dead Can Dance at the Loughborough Hotel back in April 84. It was my mates machine. It plays up slightly for the first song here but not anyway nearly as badly as in Brixton. It barely affects the first song. I'll put a sample in 'comments'.

DCD were also due to support the Fall again at the Lyceum at the end of October but a sign outside the Lyceum said that they weren't playing and had split up. 1984 proved to be a tough year for the band - lots of good press but some really dodgy crowds at some gigs.


Sony Professional > TDK SA90 (M0) > Nak DR2 > Adcom GCA-510 > Audiophile 24/96 (at 24/44.1 > Peak 4LE > dithering > Flac 8 > you.

01 Wild in The Woods
02 East Of Eden
03 Ocean
04 Golden Age
05 Carnival Of Light
06 Trial
07 Passage In Time
08 Flowers of The Sea
09 Childrens Toys
10 Eastern


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  1. Many thanks for this! Would it be possible to re-upload Dead Can Dance - Le Sebale, Paris, France - 05.04.1984 (Flac)? I think it's a radio broadcast of 6 songs... I missed that one... Anyway thanks a lot for all your sharing! :)