Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Comsat Angels - The Lost Sessions - 1979/1985 (Flac)

Thanks to Harmonizer9 for sharing this compilation on Dime.

"Space Considered As An Ellipse Of Diamonds: The Lost Sessions 1979/1985"

A compilation of sessions forgotten during the re-issue of the exhaustive discography of The Comsat Angels. This bootleg is the necessary shadow of the official release "Time Considered As A Helix Of Semi-Precious Stones: The BBC Sessions 1979/1984". Sound quality is moving from average to very high. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!

John Peel session (1979-10-25):       
02-Total War

John Peel session (1980-05-08):       
03-Home Is The Range
04-Monkey pilot

Richard Skinner session (1981-04-16):
05-Be brave

Old Grey Whistle Test (1982-XX-XX):   
06-Ju Ju money
07-Independence day

Kid Jensen session (1983-08-23):      
08-A world away

Janice Long session (1984-01-XX):    
 09-Island heart
 10-Independence day
 11-Nature trails

Graham Bannerman session (1985-XX-XX):
12-Forever young
13-New heart and hands
14-Believe it

Janice Long session (1985-XX-XX):     
15-Forever young
17-Close your eyes
18-High tide

Saturday Live (1985-XX-XX):           
19-Close your eyes
20-Forever young
21-You move me

The band
Stephen Fellows - Guitars & Vocals
Kevin Bacon - Bass Guitar
Mik Glaisher - Drums
Andy Peake - Keyboards & Vocals

lost sessions


  1. Thanks dudes or dudettes! I might share too to fill a request.

  2. Thank you a lot for this, maybe could you post the video from Comsat Angels Old Grey Whistle Test from 1982.... The OGWT from the P. Furs wild be or OK please?