Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Comsat Angels - The Lost Sessions - 1979/1985 (Flac)

Thanks to Harmonizer9 for sharing this compilation on Dime.

"Space Considered As An Ellipse Of Diamonds: The Lost Sessions 1979/1985"

A compilation of sessions forgotten during the re-issue of the exhaustive discography of The Comsat Angels. This bootleg is the necessary shadow of the official release "Time Considered As A Helix Of Semi-Precious Stones: The BBC Sessions 1979/1984". Sound quality is moving from average to very high. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!

John Peel session (1979-10-25):       
02-Total War

John Peel session (1980-05-08):       
03-Home Is The Range
04-Monkey pilot

Richard Skinner session (1981-04-16):
05-Be brave

Old Grey Whistle Test (1982-XX-XX):   
06-Ju Ju money
07-Independence day

Kid Jensen session (1983-08-23):      
08-A world away

Janice Long session (1984-01-XX):    
 09-Island heart
 10-Independence day
 11-Nature trails

Graham Bannerman session (1985-XX-XX):
12-Forever young
13-New heart and hands
14-Believe it

Janice Long session (1985-XX-XX):     
15-Forever young
17-Close your eyes
18-High tide

Saturday Live (1985-XX-XX):           
19-Close your eyes
20-Forever young
21-You move me

The band
Stephen Fellows - Guitars & Vocals
Kevin Bacon - Bass Guitar
Mik Glaisher - Drums
Andy Peake - Keyboards & Vocals

lost sessions


  1. Fabulous set many thanks!

  2. Thanks dudes or dudettes! I might share too to fill a request.

  3. Thank you a lot for this, maybe could you post the video from Comsat Angels Old Grey Whistle Test from 1982.... The OGWT from the P. Furs wild be or OK please?

  4. This boot is now on Spotify... weird.

  5. please re-up or just send link to my email. files got lost in a previous hard drive. thank you

  6. Any chance of a re-upload, please?