Monday, 19 January 2015

RE-UPLOAD: Swans - Bonnaroo Festival, Tennessee, USA - 15.06.2013 (Flac)

Taken from the webstream, so it's lossy sourced. Very Good sound. Thanksto DrG for capturing and sharing it here.


~ recorded by DrG from *lossy* digital USTREAM live broadcast ~
~ entitled by DrG as "Stop Texting In Yr Skin Tight Britches!" ~

Lineage: Buffered live Bonnaroo video webcast (the stream staggered to a halt during She Loves Us, but I was able to restart it from the beginning of the whole gig) > Audio capture via Audacity > Cut to separate tracks with WaveLab Lite and boosted 5dB > FLAC level 8

Also; first track trimmed with fade-in added to remove copyright song playing for the band's set-up and *loud* quick start. As trimmed, this will fit on a single CD. There is some *computer* background noise and stream-related click or two, but the loudness of the Swans overcomes.

In the forgotten and ancient honor of actually entitling bootlegs, I'd like to give this recording a name. In the second half of Oxygen, Gira recites; "Stop texting! Stop texting!"

So I rather flippantly thought either "Stop Texting In Yr Skin Tight Britches", or "Bonnaroo In Skin Tight Britches"... the former has more punch IMO. It is also, from what I read, Swans first Bonnaroo Festival gig. The folder pic is from Bonnaroo and I found it with Google... credit is where credit is due.

It was considered a *lossy* recording by Dime due to the source, and banned within minutes of uploading. However, I did what I could to capture this broadcast simply to enjoy it, as I hope you will.

Feel good now.

01 To Be Kind
02 Just A Little Boy
03 She Loves Us
04 Oxygen
05 The Seer (part one) / Toussaint Louverture
06 (exit)


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