Monday, 26 January 2015

Arts Of Erebus - Wave Gotik Treffen, K3 Lounge, Leipzig, Germany - 07.06.2014 (Flac)

aka "Point Of No Return"


- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for CD Jewelcase


01 - Death Shall Have No Dominion
02 - On The Edge Of Insanity
03 - Spark Of Hope
04 - Point Of No Return
05 - The Wanderer Between Life And Death
06 - Shadows Of Life
07 - Insight In Darkness
08 - Requiescat In Pace


Raven Burroughs - Vocals
Michel Meneguzzi - Guitars, Drums and Programming
Tommy Steuer - Bass
Stephane Marchal - Keyboards


Arts Of Erebus is a band playing emotonional gothic-rock music in a modern sound. The band is located at the french border region to Germany, and the members come from both countries France and Germany.
The band started back in 2001, releasing several CDs and playing live shows in central European countries since that time. After some changes in the lineup, 2013 the band returns with the conceptual album "An Open Case Of Parousia".
The WGT gig went into band's history as "We swallow into pieces" it was a really hot WGT and about 60 degrees with strong humidity in that small venue.
I wanted to Record "Sweet Emerngarde" too but the recorded failed due to the climate conditions.

"Negative White" (Album, 2003)
"Thousand Ways To Die" (free web single, 2006)
"Icon in Eyes" (Album, 2007)
"Dawn Of The Dead" (EP, 2009)
"On The Edge Of Insanity" (MCD, 2012)
"An Open Case Of Parousia" (Album, 2013)

The Mission, Fields Of The Nephilim, Garden of Delight, Merciful Nuns


recording made by NorthernNephilim (DIME: TimeBandit )
Do not transcode to lossy formats or remaster!
Not for Sale !!! Sharing is Caring, do not trade the FLAC´s without info file, checksum
If you like the band, please visit their concerts and buy their records.

official homepages:

Thank You, Very Much


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