Monday, 31 May 2021

RE-UPLOAD: The Cure - Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia - 24,25,27,28 & 30.05.2019 (Flac)


I posted these recordings 2 years ago, thaey're now made available again by the taper. HUGE Thank You to Brent for all his work, it's much appreciated.

Original message by the taper:

This week (May 2021) is 2 years since The Cure played 5 Disintegration 30th Anniversary shows at the Sydney Opera House, the last time I shared my recordings was 2 years ago in the week or so after the shows, around 10,000 people downloaded them back then, but I'm sure there are still people who missed them and would like to download them...
So here's direct download links to my complete and uncut master recordings of all 5 shows.
I recorded using Roland R-07 digital recorder > SP-SPSB-8-MKII 9 volt battery box > SP-CMC-4U cardioid stereo microphones on sunglasses arms ontop of my head pointed towards the stage/hanging speaker stacks.
First lot of links are CD standard 16bit/44100Hz resolution, the second lot are 24bit/96000Hz resolution, most people will probably only need the 16bit/44100 files unless they're planning on playing on a high end system. I recommend boosting up the high range (treble) frequencies using a graphic equalizer for them to sound really great!
These are the exact same file sets I shared 2 years ago.

Brent Graham

Brent Graham master 16bit/44100Hz download links.

24th May 2019 – 16bit/44100

25th May 2019 – 16bit/44100

27th May 2019 – 16bit/44100

28th May 2019 – 16bit/44100

30th May 2019 – 16bit/44100

Brent Graham master 24bit/96000Hz download links.

24th May 2019 – 24bit/96000

25th May 2019 – 24bit/96000

27th May 2019 – 24bit/96000

28th May 2019 – 24bit/96000

30th May 2019 – 24bit/96000

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