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New Order - Volkshaus, Zuerich, Switzerland - 02.04.1985 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast that is floating around for a decade already. Thanks to pythonmonty for sharing it on Dime.

Original Info File:

** analog DRS3-FM MASTER, MWM 0193 **

Checking the DIME-bot, i found out that a few different recordings from this
night had been shared here before, ALL with unknown lineage & generation, too
fast running and with around 57 minutes concert length DEFINITELY NOT complete !

This upload has NOTHING to do with those old uploads !






About the Zurich New Order concert on April 02, 1984:

Their opening/support act on this tour, "Shark Vegas", was not aired that night.

Shark Vegas was a Berlin based New Wave band, consisting of ex-Factory Records German
representative, Mark Reeder (Guitar/tapes/Keyboards), Alistair Gray (Vocals), Leo Walter
(Drums/Percussion) and Helmut Wittler (Bass/keyboards). Previously Reeder & Grey were known
as "Die Unbekannten" together with their drummer Tommy Wiedler (now with Nick Cave's "Nick
Cave and the Bad Seeds) they later used drum machines and sequencers (in fact Die Unbekannten
are credited with making the first record with a Roland TR-606). Today Reeder runs a string
of labels included MFS and Flesh, launching the careers of Paul van Dyk and Corvin Dalek.

Shark Vegas reinvented themselves with two new members Walter & Wittler
for a New Order European tour in 1984.

"You Hurt me" was one of their concert favorites and Bernard Sumner of New Order wanted to
release the track as a single. He also plays guitar at the closing moments of the track. Sumner
co-produced the track with A Certain Ratio's Donald Johnson, who also added vocals to the track.
A different version to this single was also released on Die Toten Hosen's label "Totenkopf".

The "DRS3"-LIVE BROADCAST of the New Order concert was scheduled from 22:00 to 24:00pm - enough time to transmit the whole gig (usually 60 to 85 minutes during this European tour) including
some delay at the beginning, all the possible encores plus some interviews, trivia and so on...

Theatersaal im Volkshaus in Zuerich was - and still is, after the last renovation - a venue
for concerts (the primary use during the 1970/80ies...) that can hold an audience of ~1.100
people bottom floor, all standing (there are a few room pictures included in the folder).

But sadly nearly nobody showed up for this concert. We heard rumours of about 5-10 % of the max.
possible places filled -> 50 to 100 people ! Searching the net we found this short report here:

Ein Konzert das ich nie vergessen werde... es fand vor 30 (dreissig!!!) Leuten statt und wurde
live bei Radio DRS3 übertragen!!! Die Hälfte der Leute kannte ich per Namen. Es war schon komisch
und irgendwie einzigartig. Die Band war verständlicherweise nicht gut drauf und spielte nur eine
Stunde lang. Sie spielte auch nicht „Blue monday“, aber alle andern Songs die ich so liebte. Ich
habe das Konzert genossen, zu dem ich noch alle Autogramme der Band durch eine Bekannte erhielt.

The band was obviously pissed about the empty venue, and a lot of problems during the soundchecks,
the support act "Shark Vegas" and at the end during their OWN concert - to name just the subsurface
room sound (throughout the whole day really nobody gained control about it...), problems with some
of the band's keyboards and other equipment, buzzing amps, few severe and uncontrollable feedbacks
on every occasion, a partly rowdy & dissatisfied crowd etc. - led to a somehow WEIRD GIG and, even more, to a COMPLETELY WHACKED-OUT AND EXTREMELY FUNNY RADIO BROADCAST, especially the last quarter...

On the other side you'll get a few different sequencer patterns and partly new lyrics in some of
the songs, culminating in track #05. "Sooner Than You Think" with almost completely different
lyrics especially about the country Switzerland and the beautiful girls there - sadly never ever
heard or learned about the interesting word "cunts" as female description - a delicate compliment ?





And don't forget:

CRANK UP YOUR STEREO & attrape à danser!

NEW ORDER (the artists)

'Musik-Uf-De-Gass' proudly presents (the motto)

Theatersaal im Volkshaus (the room/the venue)  
Zuerich (the city)
Switzerland (the country)

April 02, 1984 (the date)

"Schweizer Radio DRS3"-FM 'Live In Concert'- broadcast from the very same day...

Zürich or Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich.
It is located in Eastern Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich. While the
municipality itself has 380,500 inhabitants, the Zürich metropolitan area is an urbanised
area of international importance constituted by a population of nearly 2 million inhabitants.
Zürich is a mixed hub for railways, roads, and air traffic. Both Zürich Airport and railway
station are the largest and busiest in the country. In addition to being Switzerland's main
commercial centre, Zürich is sometimes called the Cultural Capital of Switzerland.
An impressive number of museums and art galleries can be found in the city, among which
the Swiss National Museum and the Kunsthaus. Zürich also hosts one of the most important
theatres in the German-speaking world.

about the venue:

The "Theatersaal" was completely renovated in 1994...

about the radio station:

pics & scans included in this torrent...

as far as we know NONE of this torrent was used commercially...

the complete recorded broadcast:

All songs by New Order (Sumner/Gilbert/Hook/Morris) unless otherwise specified.

01. complete intro music -> "DRS"-FM host 3:07.24
02. 5-8-6 (Working Title: "Prime 586") 6:09.61
03. Ceremony <Sumner/Ian Kevin Curtis/Hook/Morris> 4:44.05
04. Ultraviolence 6:39.12
05. Sooner Than You Think 6:34.04
06. ICB 5:24.24
07. Denial 5:23.11
08. Procession § 3:57.09   
09. Age Of Consent 5:51.06
10. Temptation 8:42.54
11. Confusion <Sumner/Gilbert/Hook/Morris/Arthur Baker> 6:43.26
12. "DRS"-FM hosts waiting & talking 1:49.43
13. "DRS"-FM hosts about the concert etc. 1:07.20
14. "And now we'll sneak another peek in the hall..." 0:24.30
15. "New Oder have left the stage, there will be NO encore..." 0:37.25
16. The famous interview with Rudi Meier 4:27.06
17. "DRS"-FM hosts "Outro" 0:21.40

total running time: 72:03.25 minutes

the notes:

§ -> original tape flip during the applause @ the song end, crossfaded, NO MUSIC was harmed or lost...

All officially released tracks during the radiobroadcast have been omitted.

Further down you'll find an extremely detailed description
of this concert, track-after-track, including some closer
translation of most of the spoken passages after the show...

the musicians:

Bernard "Barney Rubble" Sumner aka Dicken aka Albrecht § - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Peter "Hooky" Hook - bass, backing vocals, percussion
Stephen Paul David Morris - drums, percussion, keyboards
Gillian Lesley Gilbert - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

§ -> Sumner has used the surnames Dicken and Albrecht in the past and had always refused to
explain why he has used different names. He has also been reluctant to discuss his family
background. In 2007, it was revealed his mother had cerebral palsy, and that he had been
adopted by his stepfather John Dickin. Sumner was his mother's maiden name, and is the name
that appears on his birth certificate. The revelations about his past were made in a book
about his life, Bernard Sumner: Confusion: Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus
the World by David Nolan, published in 2007 - on which Sumner co-operated.


recorded by lonetaper, FM broadcast to analog tape

recording April 02, 1984:

DRS3-FM Swiss Radio Broadcast > Airwaves > Sony STR 3800L Stereo Receiver/Amplifier >
> Hitachi D 980 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck (without any Dolby NoiseReduction) > My Compact Cassette Master
(Maxell XL II-S 90 Epitaxial, 1-7/8ips Position Chrome, High Bias Type II, EQ 70us, 135 meter tape)

the transfer:

My Cassette (master) > Nakamichi Cassette Deck 1 (manual playback head azimuth aligned ! No NoiseReduction used) >
> Analog Cable (coax) > Behringer SRC-2496 Ultramatch Pro
(Ultra-high-resolution 24-Bit/96 kHz A/D & D/A and Sample Rate Converter & Dropouts-/Jitter Remover) >
> converted to 16 bit, SP 44,1 kHz > > Oehlbach Hyper Profi Opto Set (optical fibre, TOS-Link) >
> Terratec Aureon 7.1 PCI - Dolby Digital Live Soundcard with C-Media CMI8768 Soundprocessor Chip, digital S/P-DIF in >
> Motherboard with AMD Multicore Processor, Serial ATA Interface > CD Wave (recording) >
> Harddisc Western Digital with Thermaltake HD Cooler (EVER had a HardDisc burnout ??) >
> lonetaper's secret box of miracles # > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 6) > FLAC > DIME

# RAW FILES - so NO additional NoiseReduction or EQ'ing was used here,
and none of those compressors, Sonic Maximizers or other psychoacoustic
processors - just some of the broadcast-statics reduced , balanced the
stereo channels (just a touch) and finally normalized.

this upload here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archives.
if you want to know more about, check the old uploads...lotta stuff to read !

And if there's some interest, maybe there is MORE TO COME...
it just depends on YOUR demeanor, and lotta useful comments ;-)


<< 22:00pm >>
Scheduled "DRS3"-FM-broadcast beginning...
The two hosts - i think Martin Schäfer & Jasmin Kienast (maybe somebody can confirm?) - talked
and played some music out of the studio while waiting for New Order -> THE NOT RECORDED PART...

<< 22:20pm >>
The concert starts finally with some fanfare intro -> RECORDING starts without missing ONE NOTE !

01. intro music -> "DRS"-FM host
~ 31 seconds long fanfare intro
~ 10 seconds yells, short buzzing noise from stage <right channel>
~ 135 seconds classical intro music, lots of audience whistling throughout
~ 10 seconds "DRS"-FM host about the intro & that musicians enter the stage...

02. 5-8-6
~ 0:18 "WOUW!" <right channel> misused onstage microphone
~ 3:06 "HOUWL" (the more orgasmic one...) <left channel> misused onstage microphone
10 seconds of applause & yells

03. Ceremony
~ 0:01 a short amp buzz right at the start
~ 1:05 vocals are way too quiet in the mix, slowly improving during the first verse
~ 1:50 better vocals during the chorus "Oh, I'll break them down -> Too frail to wake this time"
10 seconds of applause & fans call out for "Warsaw", and concerning the room sound: "IT'S BAD !"

04. Ultraviolence
~ 0:03 BS: "It's just called 'Ultraviolence'"
~ 3:43 Additional lyrics appear in this version:

Who saw the darkness?
I felt the devil
I saw those eyes
I ran for the sky
His eyes were dark and brown
He lookes at me like just torn eyes

The stolen and misused microphone incident:
~ 5:53 A very loud voice yells out three times before the applause starts
~ 6:00 same yeller: "Blue Monday !!"
then you hear a few bass notes played and during this a short fight
roadies versus the yeller to get the damn microphone back...

~ 6:12 BS: "Thanks very much everybody, it's really nice of you to come and see us."
More calls for "Blue Monday" - Barney plays some notes on his guitar
~ 6:28 BS: "Slight technical problem there."
~ 6:35 PH: "It's the Adverts...", the rest is distorted...hmmm, someone heard "from the radio"?

05. Sooner Than You Think
Obviously with different sequencer patterns and brandnew lyrics -> was often titled 'Meaning Of Life'
Definitely NOT the live debut of The track, this was 01/12/1983 @ Brixton Academy, London, England (UK) 

~ 2:37 a short amp buzz
~ 2:48 starts with the usual lyrics:

Hello, everyone, it's nice to be here
I've come so far to see you all
I can see your deep blue eyes

~ 3:01 then the new lyrics mention the "thousand lines away" bit,
and the chorus is "You know we'd love you", repeated a few times.

~ 4:15 He also sings:

Switzerland is a wonderful country,
it's full of mountains and leaves and flowers.
like it does in England,
the girls much prettier.
But unfortunately, everyone in Basel are cunts.

some of the new lyric transcriptions (thanks a lot!) here:

~ 6:25 short & real gentle applause
~ 6:30 feedback starts, increasing to buzz

06. ICB
~ 0:00 -> 0:03 some buzzing noise, decreasing
~ 0:10 -> 0:12 some buzzing noise, decreasing
~ 0:15 -> 0:17 some buzzing noise, decreasing to zero
~ 1:18 vocals are too quiet in the mix, slowly improving
~ 3:08 the first verse repeated and slightly new lyrics

completely missed the following part:

Taken from the killing ground,
by all dividing hands
With no sense or reason,
they came, they found, they ran
Taking good advantage of all the things I'm told
I washed my hands in innocence when you start taking control

~ 5:05 -> 5:09 increasingly buzzing noise
audience applause muted by reason of some uprising technical problems
~ 5:10 -> 5:12 loud buzz -> instrumental plug out
followed by some buzz, loud bumps & short distorted vocals...

The group then shoot right into Denial.

07. Denial
throughout the ~ first minute some hiss/buzz is audible, swelling up and down...
vocals start too quiet in the mix, also "swelling up and down"...
~ 1:55 problems seemingly solved here:

It's just something I know,
the answer's not there
It comes and it goes and it frightens me

~ 4:47 short 11 second of a metronome (?) & some shy applause following, with occasional BUZZ...
~ 5:13 BS: "We know what we'll do, don't worry...(in a high-pitched voice) 'Procession'"

08. Procession
~ 0:46 vocals start too quiet in the mix...slowly improving
~ 1:30 problems seemingly solved...some of the lyrics mixed...
~ 3:23 another additional lyrics:

Your life is your own, my life doesn't involve you, boy

~ 3:45 applause, about 10 seconds with some verbal assaults...
~ 3:54 BS: "Right, sort the fucking triggers out, somebody."

09. Age Of Consent
~ 5:24 a louder 14 seconds long audience applause, including some VERBAL INJURIES
~ 5:38 BS: "Oh great, FUCKING back to you..."
~ 5:40 some audience yells about "fucking" etc...some whistling...
~ 5:43 somebody cries "just play more guitar !"
~ 5:46 you can hear Bernard furiously throwing the microphone to the ground...

10. Temptation
~ 0:31 BS: "This next song's called Temptation."
~ 0:35 BS: "It's a story about, eh... a long lost love."
With the exception of the first line:

Heaven, a gateway of hope

the vocals are good in the mix...they finally found the correct faders ;-)
and it was SEEMINGLY A JOY for Bernhard to shout this
AT the crowd below (or minimum a part of them, there...):

Bolts from above hit the people down below
People in this world we have no place to go

Oh, it's the last time
Oh, it's the last time
Oh, it's the last time
Oh, it's the last time
Oh, it's the last time

Oh, I've never met anyone quite like you before
Oh no, I've never met anyone quite like you before

~ 8:19 a loud applause starts, including some "Hey, hey, hey!" yells

11. Confusion
NOW thy've nailed the vocals in the mix...
first 30 seconds with a few instrumental feedbacks

They shortened the song and skipped those lyrics:

You tell me you need me, I'll make it this time
Faith won't devide us if sensations survive
I was sure that I told you it was clear from the face
You've caused me some problems, you've taken my place

~ 6:18 a loud 25 seconds long applause, including some "More, more !" shouts

<< 23:23pm >>
The regular set ends, band members leaving the stage...

12. "DRS"-FM hosts waiting & talking
Seemingly the hosts are waiting for the promised & planned encore...
~ 0:07 band introduction, instruments used & the miserable room sound (also for Shark Vegas...)
~ 0:34 introducing New Order and their biggest hit "Blue Monday" as encore
~ 0:40 back to the room sound...hmmm...sounds different...lotta whistlers...
~ 1:10 obviously perplexed "DRS"-FM hosts, losing their train of thought
~ 1:24 about the severly kvetching audience & the 'completely flopped' version of "Confusion"
~ 1:43 "We are totally baffled at the moment, not knowing what's going on..."

13. "DRS"-FM hosts about the concert etc.
About New Order succeeding Joy Division...
~ 0:07 their biggest hit "Blue Monday", which is still missed here as encore...
~ 0:15 "Confusion" was planned as follow-up hit, but nearly failed completely

<< 23:26pm >>
Host's plan for the rest of the scheduled broadcasting time

~ 0:27 "What we'll do for the following >30 minutes - until 12:00 pm..."
~ 0:49 "We can also air an interview with today's concert promoter/organizer 'Musik-Uf-De-Gass'"
~ 1:03 "The music in the venue has stopped...MAYBE THEY COME BACK ONSTAGE NOW...let's listen..."

14. "And now we'll sneak another peek into the hall..."
But still nothing's happening...EXCEPT the damn room music starts again...
~ 0:05 about the troubles with their syntesizers inter alia: "Maybe the'ye just forgotten the encore ?"
~ 0:17 "As the venue's music NOW is so shitty we'll play some from our studio..."

15. "New Oder have left the stage, there will be NO encore..."
Introducing another "big named artist" from England, Frank Tovey, playing next Friday in Zuerich...
~ 0:12 Fad Gadget "Collapsing New People" studio song <OMITTED>

<< 23:31pm >>
Fad Gadget song ends...

~ 0:14 "from the 1982 album 'Gag'", and about the song...
~ 0:28 "New Oder have left the stage, there will be NO "Blue Monday" encore !" (host with PISSED VOICE)

16. The famous interview with Ru(e)di Meier (?Meyer/Mayer/Maier? - Who can/will help?)
About the disappointing gig: lotta problems with venue sound/too depressive songs/keyboard problems:
"You are one of the biggest Swiss fans of formerly Joy Division & New Order - how was the gig?"
~ 0:08 "Good, but they played just their NON-danceable songs...the gloomy & sinster ones...
~ 0:45 about the two faces of New Order...writing both depressive AND danceable songs...
~ 1:13 about the disappointing, miserable room sound during the concert...and the fans/their reactions
~ 1:22 "Many "depro"-fans, dressed in black, No poppers & discofreaks...not freaking out, less dancing"
~ 2:05 Rudi has seen the band for the first time...talking about their skills as musicians...
~ 2:55 One of their "gags" onstage ...OR: Why they played with out-of-tune instruments...
~ 3:40 "The depressive songs are better in a 'NO' live concert...cannot play danceable songs there..."

17. "DRS"-FM hosts "Outro"
Thanking the big New Order fan for the recent live interview.
~ 0:15 host Jasmin introducing the next song...fades out...

<< 23:37pm >>
"Blue Monday" studio version starts <OMITTED>

Thanks to some of the people responsible for this site, as
i was using a few of the transcriptions & descriptions there:

PLEASE support the artist - and buy all his available stuff...
open recorded and carefully stored over 26 years, mastered etc.pp. by Leo (all thanks go to him...),
transferred, & finally first time uploaded by pythonmonty on Dime, July 02, 2010. This is "MWM 00193"

please consign this info-sheet with the shared music - thanks !


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