Thursday, 3 September 2020

The Sisters of Mercy - Rock City, Nottingham, UK - 02.05.1984 (Flac)

This version sounds better than the one that was previously shared, wich was very hissy. Thanks to Falkpe for sharing his rip here.

Original Info File:

Start of the UK Spring Tour in 1984.

This is a great energetic recording.

Eldritch experiments during Walk Away, singing with a different emphasis and longer voice echoes.
He also does a funny mock band intro after Adrenochrome
    "..on bass, Mr Mitch Mitchell... on guitar .. no I can't do this - it's too much..."

During this concert, Gary Marx crushed his guitar. Artwork: The remains of Gary Marx' guitar
See story text file in Artwork folder, courtesy of Quiff Boy from the Heartland Forum.

Tape acquired on EBAY in 2020 (from ALEXM collection), transfered by FALKPE and restored by WATERISNAT

Quality: 4 (out of 5). A must for your collection!


01 Burn
02 Heartland
03 Walk Away
04 Anaconda
05 Body And Soul
06 Floorshow
07 Emma
08 Adrenochrome
09 Alice
10 Body Electric
11 Gimme Shelter
12 Sister Ray

Rise and Reverberate


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