Thursday, 3 September 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Ministry - Live Sympathy 1982 / 1984 (Flac)

Sometime ago I published a Ministry bootleg called Live Twitch 1986, that I made collecting some live tracks from 1986 that were laying around on the net, nothing totally new, but it made some impact. Now I've been asked by Jenya if I could post it on Flac. I'll do it, but felt like doing another one of these Live CDs first, again nothing that hasn't been shared before, but it's a nice document of early Ministry. This one can be a shock, if you only know Ministry after the sucess of Land of Rape and Honey, but actually there are hints of the future sound of the band as early as 1982, since they were more aggressive live than on record, but also because the more alternative tracks were left out of the "with Synpathy" album ,in a move from the record company trying to sell Ministry as a Synth Pop band. They failed, thankfully :)  Cover done by me, keeping in touch with the simple concept of the other bootleg.

01. Primental
02. Overkill
03. Love Change
04. America
05. I'm Falling
06. Never Asked For Nothing
07. Chipped Beef 
08. So So Life
09. What Is The Reason
10. Do You Even Like It
11. Nature Of Love
12. Work For Love
13. Ricky's Hand

Track 01  & 02  - Chicago 18.05.1982
Track 03 & 04  - Detroit 10.07.1982
Track 05 & 06 - Philadelphia 02.05.1982
Tracks 07 to 09 - Philadelphia 14.07.1983
Tracks 10 to 13 - Minneapolis 24.10.1984


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