Sunday, 20 September 2020

Dinosaur Jr. - Drive-In Live, Cheshire Fairgrounds, Swanzey, NH, USA - 12.09.2020 (Flac)


So this seems to be the present state of affairs as long as concerts go. Drive In Style, wich in fact seems nice. Very good FM recording. HUGE Thanks to crematia13 for sharing his recording on Dime.

Original Info File:

This was recorded by lining an old Aiwa boombox (CSD-ES227) from the headphone jack via 1/8" stereo cord, into my Zoom H4n.  H4n lined into computer by USB, wav sent to Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 12.  Magix program was used for track markings, volume increase, a volume adjustment at the beginning of the show, and removal of before and after show sounds.  Flac created with Trader's Little Helper, SBE and torrent work also done with TLH.

Track listing:
01 - The Lung
02 - Budge
03 - Goin' Down
04 - tuning - stage chat
05 - Long Time
06 - Watch The Corners
07 - stage chat
08 - Garden
09 - Fury Little Things
10 - Out There
11 - Feel The Pain
12 - stage noise
13 - Crumble
14 - Pieces
15 - The Wagon
16 - Knocked Around
17 - stage chat
18 - Start Choppin'
19 - stage chat
20 - Training Grond
21 - Freak Scene
22 - Gargoyle
23 - horns honking
24 - stage chat - more honking
25 - Kracked
26 - Sludgefest

27 - Just Like Heaven

This came out ok, I suppose.  The show was broadcast on 88.3 FM.  In all of my searching, since the last drive-in show I attempted to get an FM capture of, I found the Aiwa boombox to be the most reliable, best sounding, and most capable of catching a decent signal, of all of the battery operated FM things I own.  When you can bring your car into the show, you can bring a boombox, a flashlight, multiple recording devices, chosen refreshments - I like all of that.  As far as my recording goes, there are a few spots where the reception crackles, and parts of it feel like it's on the verge of crackling.  While I didn't have much of a chance to listen to it through the headphones while it was recording, I'm quite sure it's as good as I could get it, and I wonder if I would've heard the same crackles on any car stereo in the lot.  That aside, it's not too intrusive.  The mix is ok, of course it sounds pretty dry.  The in-between song tuning was silenced out of the broadcast.  I also made an audience capture from on top of the car.  I think wind (and my big-mouthed friends) may have effectively ruined a lot of it, but I'll go back over it.  I included photos from our spot, section A, row 4.  They aren't clear at all - they're just there to give an idea of what it looked like.  The first couple of photos are from before the set started.

I also filmed the show with my Sony handycam.  some of it is from the hood of the car, and while steady, kinda dull looking.  At other times, I did a good job of doing it hand-held style, with cool close ups.  If anybody would like to do something with the video, particularly involving merging this FM broadcast with it, let me know.  I don't want to upload it as is, and I don't have the know-how to get it done myself.


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