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Scars - John Peel Session - 04.06.1981 (Flac) plus bonus

One session in Flac plus a lot of stuff as a bonus in MP3, courtesy of Dave Sez.
Lossless part info:

Received in trade years ago, not sure of the gen but it's a little high.  According to the Peel session book, they broadcast 4 tracks that night, and only 3 are here.  If anyone has an upgrade, I would love to hear it!
2 of these tracks are unreleased in any form, as far as I know, as is the missing 4th track.

Lineage:unknown gen from FM broadcast>M audio sound card>wav>flac
editing with CDWav

Track Listing:
01. Remember Me
02. They Came and Took Her
03. Vanishing


Bonus MP3 info:

Scars - "Live and Demos", and extras 1978-81

From the Dave Sez archive, the promising Edinburgh new wave band that sadly never made it but left us one classic punk-era album. This is all I have that's not from that. Full text and artwork of their vinyls included. A+ @275-300.

Robert King - vocals
Paul Research - lead guitar
John Mackie - bass
Calumn Mackay - drums


Demos, probably 1978:

Hopeless Romantic
Romance By Mail

Peel sessions, 1980 and 1981:

Turn Me On - Peel 20.05.81
Remember Me - Peel 20.05.81
Je T'aime le Mort - Peel 20.02.80
Author Author - Peel 20.02.80

Live, probably in Groningen, Holland 1981:

All about you
Je T'aime le Mort
Leave Me in the Autumn


Scars Extras

The missing Peel session tracks and one more live A+ @ 128-160 kbps. A gift for the great - go check it out!

She's Alive - Peel 20.02.80 @ 128
So Strange - Peel 20.02.80 @ 128
Vanishing - Peel 20.05.81 @ 128
They Came and Took Me - Peel 20.05.81 @ 128
Remember Me - live Groningen NL 1981 @ 160


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