Friday, 31 July 2015

The Cult - Reading Festival, Reading, UK - 26.08.2001 (Video and Audio)

This was one of these uploads on Dime that you understand imediatly that were going to be banned... and it was. I was able to get it before the ban, and listening to it remembered that I had downloaded from the net a rip of the source webcast video, but it was a decade ago... After searching for it on the mess that are all my hard drives, I finally found it...

I never saw a better version, so decided to share it here. Quality is what you would expect from a webcast of 2001 and the audio files are of course lossy sourced, even if they are in Flac.
Original Info File:

Recorded live at the Reading Festival on August 26th, 2001.  Source was a webcast so it's a bit thin-sounding but still a great show.


01 LilÕ Devil
02 Rain
03 Rise
04 Take The Power
05 Fire Woman
06 The Witch
07 Breathe
08 Wildflower
09 She Sells Sanctuary
10 Love Removal Machine


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