Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Radiohead - Earl's Court, London, UK - 26.11.2003 (flac)

Thanks to inez for sharing on Dime. Got banned there but now it's here.

Source:  preFM

Alright… lots of blood (?, nah, not really) and tears have been shed over this tape, and some months ago I was approached by a friend with this treasure - and a suggestion to ….. DROP THIS!!!
Fine - there is no day like today - let’s shake this place up!


- Disc One -
01.  intro
02.  The Gloaming
03.  2+2=5
04.  My Iron Lung
05.  Where I End And You Begin
06.  Kid A
07.  I Will
08.  Myxomatosis
09.  I Might Be Wrong
10.  Sail To The Moon
11.  Lucky
12.  Paranoid Android
13.  Go To Sleep
14.  Sit Down. Stand Up.
15.  Just
16.  Idioteque
17.  Fake Plastic Trees
18.  There There (Encore Break)
19.  You And Whose Army?
20.  The National Anthem
21.  A Wolf At The Door
22.  Street Spirit [Fade Out] (Encore Break)
23.  We Suck Young Blood
24.  Karma Police
25.  Everything In It's Right Place

seeded to dime June 26, 2016

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