Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Sisters Of Mercy - Palladium, Riga, Latvia - 03.08.2016 (MP3)

Two dddays to the Reverence Valada concert! Thanks to Eggi for sharing his recoring.

Taper: C.E.

SP-CMC-8(Cards/SP-ATMIC-MODIF) -> SP-SPSB-11(no roll off) ->Edirol R09-HR( 24/48 wav)>MP3(320 kb/s)

Main set:
Doctor Jeep/ Detonation Boulevard
Crash & Burn
Body Electric
Amphetamine Logic
Giving Ground
Dominion/ Mother Russia
Flood II

Encore 1
Something Fast
Lucretia , My Reflection
Vision Thing

Encore 2
First & Last & Always
Temple Of Love
This Corrosion



  1. Hello ! Could You please Re-upload Savages - Glastonbury Festival, UK - 30.06.2013 (MKV 832x468). Please! Thanks!

  2. Don't know if you're aware of this

    Kim Dotcom is claimimng that Mega isn't safe.

    I have read some reports of the extension they make you install to download large files being found to be dodgy as well. Might be nothing, but worth bearing in mind when considering a filelocker.

  3. hallo DCR & every visitor here,
    the last days i can only download one post a day cause on every second try i got a message says "over quota"...
    Did MEGA change policy ?
    Anyway, if anyone have any idea please reply of what can i do about it.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi DCR,
    I forgot to say in my previous message about "over quota" message that no link of 700MB can be downloaded.
    It only gets 78% and then it stops uncompleted with the above message.

  5. New MEGA Policy:

    Updated 31 August 2016

    Our policy is not to impose any artificial restrictions on our users unless necessitated by infrastructure bottlenecks or other considerations. However, we do meter data transfer for your IP address, and we reserve the right to limit complimentary traffic utilisation for any reason (after which the file owner’s paid traffic quota will be depleted, followed by your own). For your convenience, interrupted transfers will resume automatically after a cool-down period or after new traffic quota become available.

    Transfer quota is measured per IP address.

    The End Of Free MEGA ?
    I Wish Not...