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RE-UPLOAD: Aphex Twin - Sound City, Hallam University, Sheffield - 09.04.1993 (Flac) - Second Source added

Only 20 minutes long, but it's unmissable.I recently received a second source of this show, that seems to include some interviews not present in the first source. Both sound good, but I prefer the first source. Anyway I combined both in the RAR file,  so you decide which one you like the best.

First source:
Original Info File:

Date: 9th April 1993
Location: Sound City (BBC), Hallam University, Sheffield
Source: fm
Generation: low gen
Quality: excellent
Lineage: TDK SA90 > NAB Cassette deck > Protools > AIFF > Flac

I got this in a trade circa 1994/95 and it sounds as good as it did then. This has only just been transferred from cassette so enjoy all you Techno and Warpheads out there. If anyone can help with the track list please advise.

Digitised & Seeded by Happy Trader, June 2008

Enjoy it ! but please don't convert to mp3 or sell.

Total length - 19:46


1. Matchsticks (SAW II track 25) / Come on You Slags!
3. The Garden of Linmiri
4.  AFX 6/B / 73-Yips 

Second Source:
Hallam University, Sheffield, England - April 9, 1993
01. Match Sticks
02. Come On You Slags
03. AFX Dub
05. 73-Yips
06. Interview 1
07. Interview 2
08. Interview 3

Lineage: ?? > analog cassette (Maxell XLII90) > .wav via CDWav > .flac


The Hallam University show could be an FM or a Soundboard - I just
don't know.

I received the cassette in a trade years and years ago. The inlay card for the setlist had five tracks listed, but there seem to be seven tracks in the set. But it's kind of hard to tell with Mr. Richard D. James.

Hope that you enjoy the show.


 Sound City - 2 sources

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