Friday, 21 August 2020

Nina Hagen - Paléo Festival, La Prairie de Colovray, Nyon, Switzerland - 24.07.1986 (Flac)

Radio broadcast. (Presumably on Swiss radio.)

01 1985 Ecstasy Drive
02 Die Ufos Sind Da
03 Universal Radio
04 New York New York
05 Russian Reggae
06 Prima Nina In Ekstasy
07 Light My Fire
08 Alright Tonight
09 Heiss
10 Herrmann Hiess Er
11 Gott Im Himmel (Spirit In The Sky)
12 Zarah
13 Everlasting Teeny Idol
14 Jealousy
15 TV Glotzer
16 The Lords Prayer
17 My Way
18 Ballroom Blitz
19 World Now

Length - 82:23

Cassette(unknown but probably low gen,radio broadcast,TDK D90) > TravisBickle1963 transfer to .wav > Soundforge(normalise,editing) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

I had a dilemma over how to track this - the radio DJ's talk over many of the intros - I could have put the track splits after the DJ's finished talking but in the end I decided to track it as if the DJ's aren't there so the intros of each song aren't cut weirdly.

Tape flip between track 11 & 12.

The tape is labelled 22.7.86 but this page confirms Paleo Festival as running from 24th-27th July: (although it's user-generated and prone to error like everything else) gives the date as July 24th so we'll go with that one:

The sound in the right channel dropped very quiet for 48 seconds (from 35:15-36:03), I replaced it with sound from the left channel. (30 seconds of this is the DJ talking anyway.)

"Was Es Ist" from the album "Angstlos" was played during the post-gig chat, so I removed it.

Tape supplied by Shaun M.
Transfer by TravisBickle1963.
Editing by Egg_Crisis, 13th june 2020.


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