Friday, 21 August 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Nitzer Ebb - Pop Festival, Leopoldsburg, Belgium - 21.07.1987 (Flac)

Thanks to Ryan for sharing it on dime.

Lineage: Master Cassette > Cassette > Nakamichi CR-3A > Numark Stereo IO USB > iMac > Audacity > Audition (Normalize/Track) > FLAC
Equipment: Unknown
Taper: Unknown

01. Warsaw Ghetto (Fade In)
02. Violent Playground
03. Alarm
04. Join In The Chant
05. Let Your Body Learn
06. So Bright, So Strong
07. Let Beauty Loose
08. Murderous

I received a box of tapes from Aaron F. This was one of the tapes in there. It was an Aud1 tape and unfortunately there was no taper/equipment info on it. The recording fades in. So I am not sure if any songs are missing.

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