Sunday, 8 February 2015

RE-UPLOAD: Ministry - RPM Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 10.04.1986 (FLAC)

Thanks to cEnda for this concert. Actually this is the same recording as the one in the Live Twitch bootleg, but from a FM source, including the DJ announcements.

Source: FM Broadcast
Unknown lineage.  From analog cassette   
This is a show from early in the 1986 tour for Twitch.  This was broadcast on CFNY sometime in 1992.  This version is post-broadcast, complete with radio announcer.  There is a version of this show pre-broadcast, however I have been unable to locate a non-mp3-sourced version.  There is also supposedly a 60-minute version of this show, however I have been unable to locate a copy at all.  If anyone out there has either of these (or any other show from the 86/87 tours), I'd love to hear from you, if only to update the show archives at

Al Jourgensen - Vocals
Paul Barker - Bass
Bill Rieflin - Drums
Roland Barker - Keyboards, saxophone

1) FM Announcer
2) Over The Shoulder
3) Isle Of Man
4) Where You At Now
5) All Day
6) Everyday Is Halloween
7) FM Announcer
8) Just Like You
9) FM Announcer


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