Friday, 22 August 2014

Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Collection (Free Download)

Hi, this is Sam of blacktape. I'm really happy that somewhere along the way you discovered my music. Getting reconnected with so many of you over the last year has been incredible, amazing and inspiring. I put together this collection for you. It contains many of the "hit" songs we've recorded over the years, some introspective album tracks, as well as our cover of a Dead Can Dance song.

If you like the songs my bandmates and I have created, please… share this url!

THE COLLECTION sells for $5 at iTunes -- but you can get it for free here at our Bandcamp page. Ten songs spanning twenty-eight years of music. Thanks so much for your interest.


Cover model: Bitsy "Tits" Blitz |
Photo by Allen Seelye
Graphic design + processing by Sam

Elysabeth Grant, 3
Bret Helm, 4
Oscar Herrera, 2, 6
Athan Maroulis, 5, 7
Julianna Towns, 1, 10

All tracks written by Sam, except #7 by Dead Can Dance


released 19 August 2014

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