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Plasmatics - The Circus, Bergenfield, NJ, USA - 23.04.1983 (Flac)

Thanks to Atmosfear for sharing on Dime and to Egg Crisis for sending me this recording to share here.

Original Info File:
This is the unaltered version of the torrent (another one w/eq applied will be upped at the same time).

First off, as usual here are some of the bands I am dying to see here on Dime: (pre-Belladonna) Anthrax, MACE, Die Kreuzen, THE ACCUSED, Honor Role, Blast!, Ludichrist, Honor Role (sorry, already mentioned them), Dayglo Abortions, (early) Jag Panzer, Plasmatics, Blessed Death, early Christian Death, 45 Grave, MINDWAR, Kepone, Butterglove, Christ On Parade, The Freeze, The Suspects, Sonny Vincent, Stevie Stiletto, Zero Boys, BIG BOYS, Nasty Savage, Detente, Fear Of God, early Hirax, early Angkor Wat, Watchtower, Shadow Project, Super Heroines, Eva O., MARGINAL MAN, Victims Family, The Dicks, Scratch Acid, Yann Tiersen, Coral, Natalija Medvedeva (Russia), Black Sabbath w/Ian Gillan and Motorhead with Brian Robertson. Take heart (if you can)!

And now for something completely different: THE PLASEMATICS.

As all we long-term DIMErs know, PLASMATICS shows (let alone good-sounding ones) are something very hard to come by, and not many get posted here (though there always IS much interest in them). I hope and pray that this will become a little rivulet at least. The only way of making it THIS, is contributing your bit to it, in which case I will be posting some more PLASMATICS. Individual trades outside of DIME considered always (please send your lists just in case).

I discovered this show just recently (that, just a side-note, stems from my slowest trade ever), tracked and edited it, only to find out that probably the finest example of the band's most uncommon (in terms of bootlegs) and next to last era had been sleeping on my harddisk for quite a while now.

It captures a performance of the PLASMATICS just before they vanished into this KISS-clone called WOW and then surfaced one final time with "Maggots - The Album", thus bringing back to life at least a few of the characteristics that made the PLASMATICS what they were: A band delivering albums that couldn't sound more different from one another. Yet they were all good and original, something that extremely few bands succeed in, imho.

Then, some ten years ago, Wendy put a final end not only to her life but also the PLASMATICS. RIP, Wendy, I owe you the spirit of not accepting things the way they are merely because they are and have always been that way. That is more than most people in the world can say (though it doesn't exactly make life much easier, only more honest ;-)

NOTES: This recording is special in many ways. Not only does it appear to be the only more or less complete concert document from this era, but also does it include guitar and drum solos, is rather good-sounding and includes this unreleased and therefore unnamed, rather proggy instrumental reminiscent of (viewed from back then) future bands such as Mekong Delta or Mercyful Fate (paired with the "epicness" of some of the longer early songs of Metallica), a sequel, in a way, to one of my personal PLASMATICS faves: the instrumental "Plasma Jam". Unfortunately the tape flip occurs towards the end of the song, so that we'll probably never find out how it ended...

Upon editing it, I decided to give it a shot and apply some eq'ing, which, in my ears, made it sound better. For those purists among you, who don't like such manipulative action: I'm also including a second set of files to which only tracking, some gain adjustment and fade in/out was applied.

LINEAGE: extremely slow trade [2 single track flac files] - Toast Titanium 7.1.3. - AIFF files - Roxio Jam 6.0.3. (tracking) - Sound Studio 2.2.4. (fade in/out, normalize) - sd2f image file - Toast Titanium 7.1.3. (flac (8) - DIME (you!)


01 Mistress Of Taboo [cuts in]    04:39
02 Stop    04:51
03 Country Fairs    03:38
04 Sex Junkie    03:30
05 guitar solo    06:37
06 Path Of Glory    04:35
07 Pig Is A Pig    04:05
08 Lightning Breaks    03:57
09 No Class    02:48
10 unknown instrumental [cuts out, tapeflip]    06:32
11 drum solo    04:36
12 Put Your Love In Me    04:02
13 Rock And Roll    06:12
14 Just Like On TV    03:20

NOTE: The following could be regarded as as an medley of songs from the band's early days. For some reason beyond me, I decided to keep those "teasers" separate from one another.

15 Doom Song [short version]    01:16
16 Living Dead [short version]    00:43
17 Masterplan [short version]    00:45
18 Plasma Jam [short version]    03:22
19 Tight Black Pants [short version]    00:59



P.S.: I hope you hear my plea: The world needs more Plasmatics!


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