Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Cure - Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, USA - 25.02.2000 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast, pity it's incomplete... Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Broadcast date: 2015-04-26
Performance date: 2000-02-25

Lineage: HD over fm>Sangean HDT-1>Rotel-05 SE>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor)>flac

Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Perry Bamonte, Roger O'Donnell

Out Of This World 6:53
Watching Me Fall 5:31
Fascination Street 5:11
Last Day Of Summer*
Maybe Someday 5:01
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea*
Inbetween Days 2:56
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep*
39 7:21
Prayers For Rain*
One Hundred Years*

A Strange Day*
A Forest 6:40
The Figurehead 6:31
Disintegration 8:14
Just Like Heaven 3:42
Boys Don't Cry 3:17

*Not included on this broadcast

Total Time: 61:23

vic radio


  1. Top share this. Just a note though. It appears to be captured from the digital stream rather than the FM broadcast itself. Still a top show though. Many thanks :o)

  2. Just listening through here & Watching Me Fall is actually Want. Absolute blinder of a Figurehead. Sent shivers down my spine x

  3. Thank you very much for this one

    please re upload two concerts 2011 from The Sisters Of Mercy

    29-11-2011 Clermond Ferrand in flac & 30-11-2011 Toulouse in flac, because links are dead

    thank you very much by advance

    regards from France