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Ghost Dance, Rose Of Avalanche, Midnight Mess, The Three Johns - "The Great DNA Christmas Party", Warehouse, Leeds - 21.12.1987

Another brilliant upload by Egg_Crisis :) Midnight Mess is a kindof "supergroup" made up from members of The Vaynes, Rose Of Avalanche, and others - another bit of undocumented Rose of Avalanche history.

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > mp3 256kbps

Quality isn't great, but there's no other recording so...

Transfer done 8 years ago when I didn't know anything about flac, etc, and the tapes have been mislaid. :/

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room ( )

Split into individual tracks for personal use only since that causes more damage to the file. Do not circulate without this info file.

01 The Grip Of Love
02 The Last Time
03 Can The Can
04 Blood Still Flows
05 I'll Wait
06 Radar Love (26:14)

The Rose Of Avalanche
01 The Thrash
02 Mainline Man
03 Always There
04 Gimme Some Lovin'
05 Dreamland
06 Too Many Castles In The Sky
07 Sunshine Of Your Love (33:16)

(Tape flip at 16:48 between Gimme Some Lovin' and Dreamland. lists the first song as Darkorjan but when the song first started appearing in the setlist a friend asked a member of the band what the song was called and we were told it was called The Thrash.  The title Darkorjan appears to be a working title or a record company invention based on whatever was written on the unfinished session tapes released as 'In Rock'.  I'm told that Phil claims they only played Sunshine Of Your Love once but I'm told a recording exists of Bradford 30 Jan 88 that also includes the song.)

Anne Marie reads out the winning raffle ticket number. (1:09)

Midnight Mess
01 Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)
02 Wild Woman
03 Please Don't Touch (Girlschool)
04 [introduce the band]
05 There's Gonna Be A Showdown (New York Dolls)
06 Misery Queen (20:56)

vocals - Carrie (worked for DNA Promotions)
guitar - Mick Vayne (The Vaynes)
drums  - Mark Thompson (The Rose Of Avalanche)
guitar - Jerry Famous (The Vaynes)
bass   - Kev
special guest - Gregory Peggory [presumably the male vocal on track 3,4,5]

(Midnight mess as a kind-of 'supergroup' made up from members of various local bands.  I don't know who Kev & Gregory Peggory are though.  Midnight Mess did another gig a long time after this one, from memory it'd be somewhere around August 1987 give or take a couple of months. I didn't go to that one.)

The Three Johns
01 Brainbox (He's A Brainbox)
02 ???
03 Death of a European
04 A.W.O.L
05 Rooster Blues
06 English White Boy Engineer
07 The Demon Drink
08 Torches Of Liberty (41:12)

(Tape flip at 23:33 during Rooster Blues.)

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