Tuesday, 20 December 2016

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - All concerts from the 2005 Tour (Flac)

All the concerts of the 2005 tour (one of my favourites) were offline, so I uploaded all 7 of them, find the links below. That should be enough to keep you warm for Xmas. Cheers.

02.08.2005 -  Joseph's Well, Leeds, England, UK (Flac) - here
06.08.2005 -  013, Tilburg, The Netherlands (Flac) - here
08.08.2005 -  Lokeren Festival, Lokerse, Belgium (Flac) - here
10.08-2005 - X-Tra Limmathaus, Zurich, Switzerland (Flac) - here
11.08.2005 - Arena, Wien, Austria (Flac) - here
12.08.2005 - Love Planet Festival, Tabor, Czech Republic (Flac) - here
14.08.2005 - M'era Luna, Hildesheim, Germany (Flac) - here



  1. Thanks very much. Looking forward to listening to these.

  2. Have you ever run across any live shows from Poe? There is/was(?) an archive group (one guy, Eric I believe, largely if not solely responsible as I recall) that had a few vid clips but no complete shows. There may be something posted on internet archive from DNALounge but that was all low 128 last time I looked. Something to file away. Thanks for continuing to share, I like the idea of live performances but too often the masses and herd mentality are too much so I rarely attend. Your efforts fill a nice gap then!

  3. you can upload Love and Rockets live 1989? Please