Friday, 16 June 2017

Kirlian Camera - Magnet Club, Berlin, Germany - 01.10.2003 (Flac)

Very good audience recording. Thanks to KCfan for sending this one to share here.

Lineage:AUD1 DAT -> CD -> TLH -> Flac (8)


01. Gloria (re-read / Vivaldi)
02. Days To Come
03. News (V.2001)
04. Dead Zone In The Sky (V.3)
05. The Desert Inside
06. Absentee-s
07. Fields Of Sunset (Flu version...)
08. In The Endless Rain
09. The Unreachable One (V.3)
10. Blue Room (V,2003)
11. Erinnerung (V.4)
12. Eclipse (E.A.F. version)
13. Heldenplatz
14. Atmosphere (by Siderartica)

Kirlian Camera:
Angelo Berganini (synth, vocals)
Elena Alice Fossi (vocals, synth)
Andrea Fossi (synth)
Andrea Savelli (synth,acoustic guitar)

Siderartica is the same band without Angelo Berganini.

Some photos of this show are here:

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