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The Clash - A riot of their own [2002/DVD-PAL]

» TV appearences 1977-1980, 2002

Many thanks to JohnnyCaramello for sharing this and to S+©kmªÑ for the links.

From the original uploader, unknown to me :

Not long ago, I had received a disc in a trade entitled 'The Clash:
A riot of their own' , which featured snippets of Clash concerts from 1977 to 1983.
I have removed the commercially released material, and basically cut and
pasted the best of the rest together; and added a menu.
The lineage and specs are as follows:

TV>(?gen) vhs> DVD-R which i received in a trade> DVD Shrink 3.2
(non-compressed mode)> TMPG EncDVD > DVD files > you

PAL format
Mpeg-2 video
4:3 ratio
dolby digital 2-channel audio, stereo mode
48.00 kHz

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So it goes, Granada TV
december 1977 and Nov 12, 1978
What's my name
Elizabethan Ballroom Bell Vue, Manchester Nov 15,1977
Capitol Radio One
Janie Jones

Note: often circulated as Elizabethan Suite, it is in fact a full gig
which was filmed by and for Granada TV and included Siouxsie and the
Banshees as support.
Snippets were screened twice on the So It Goes TV show (Dec 77 and Nov 78)
(and repeated again in 1990) and circulate on video and audio.
(information courtesy of blackmarketclash website)

Live at the Apollo, Manchester July 2,1978
I'm so bored with the USA
London's Burning

Something Else March 11, 1978
Clash City Rockers
Tommy Gun

Alright Now, Tynes TV, March 8,1979
English Civil War
Hate& War

Fridays, ABC US TV April 25, 1980
London Calling
Train in Vain
Guns of Brixton

Joe Strummer-news death reports
Dec 23 2002


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