Friday, 7 November 2014

Simple Minds - Bergenfest, Bergen, Norway - 13.06.2014 (Flac)

Two different FM broadcasts of this concert. Thanks to rideinthel for recording and sharing on Dime.

Original Info Files:

Broadcast date: Friday October 3rd 2014 on Radio Rock,NRK P1

Lineage:Nrk P1 FM broadcast ->Edirol R09(48khz/16bit)->Adobe Audition Pro 2.0(editing and dithering to 44.1Khz/16bit)->TLH(flac level 8)


Part 1:

Total time: 23:11 mins

01 Intro
02 Waterfront
03 Broken Glass Park
04 Love Song
05 Let The Day Begin
06 Outro

Please note,due to a public traffic announcement on the FM broadcast during track #5 I had to patch it with 21 seconds from webcast of the same show

Part 2:

Broadcast date: Friday October 24th on Radio Rock,NRK P1

Total time: 19:54 mins

01 Intro
02 Someone Somewhere In Summertime
03 See The Lights
04 Don't You (Forget About Me)
05 Outro

Part 2 of the broadcast from NRKs recordings of this show at Bergenfest
The first part,broadcasted Ocotber 3rd.

As usual please keep the recordings lossless and support the artist by buying their releases and by going out to see them live.

edited October 2014 by rideinthel



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