Friday, 7 November 2014

Christian Death - Meerhaus, Bern, Switzerland - 25.10.1986 (Flac)

You can still get the MP3 version here:

Original Info File:

This is a hell of a recording (believe me!) and yet another example of a rare clarity in sound, one that I love for the listening pleasure alone and you too might like it, even if you are (like me) not one of Valor's biggest fans. Unlike later recordings of "Valor Christian Death", this indeed still carries the true goth spirit inherent in the early era of the band and a good portion of the tracks stem from "Catastrophe Ballet", "Ashes" and the still great "Atrocities" album.

This show is brought to you thanks to Swiss Tapes (, who not only taped it but also posted it in a 24/44.1 FLAC version in his blog, which simply is priceless. BUT thanks also go to Dime member Creatured who, by posting a Rollins Band show from the same taper (, was my guide to Swiss Tapes blog, which in return led me to download the Christian Death show, love it, track it, edit it and ultimately post it here.

I wouldn't be surprised if this were a yet uncirculated recording.

I need expert help with some of the track titles, that I couldn't find on the early albums that I have.

Lineage: audience recording with a Sony WM-DC6 Walkman Professional>mastertape>flac (24/44.1))>Toast 9.0.4 Titanium (.Sd2f)>Roxio Jam 6.0.3 (tracking/crossfade of tape flip/image file)>Toast 7.1.3 Titanium (flac 16/44.1)

Total running time: 73:46 min.


01 As Evening Falls   
02 This Glass House   
03 Sleepwalk   
04 Face   
05 When I Was Bed   
06 The Wind Kissed Pictures   
07 After The Rain   
08 Believers Of The Unpure 
09 Gloomy Sunday original   
10 Chimère de-ci de-là   
11 Will O' The Wisp   
12 Strapping Me Down   
13 The Loving Face
14 Venenum
15 announcement   
16 Strange Fortune   
17 Ventriloquist [extended version]   




  1. not a fan of c.d., but i do enjoy reading your comments about the recordings and stumbled upon your mentioning the swisstapes blog. so i checked it out and grabbed a few shows i didn't have! highly recommend everyone to check it out, so awesome stuff in there!

    Thanks for your great work DCR!

  2. FYI the track titled "After The Rain" is actually "Between Youth" ... which makes this recording even more epic.