Saturday, 18 April 2015

Gang of Four - Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, USA - 22.10.1983 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.
Original Info File:

01 We Live As We Dream, Alone 3:22
02 I Love a Man In Uniform  4:08
03 A Man with a Good Car  3:40
04 I Will Be a Good Boy  3:16
05 The History of the World  5:01
06 Silver Lining  4:37
07 Call Me Up  4:02
08 Is It Love  6:02
09 Paralysed  3:13
10 What We All Want  5:40
11 Woman Town  5:03
12 I Fled  4:09

Total time: 52:20

Jon King - vocals, melodica, percussion
Andy Gill - guitar, vocals
Sara Lee - bass, vocals
Steve Goulding - drums
Alyson Williams & Paula West - backing vocals

Delayed live broadcast over 92.7 WLIR-FM, Garden City, Long Island, NY USA.

From my off-air master cassette
WLIR-FM > Technics Receiver > BIC Cassette Deck > Maxell UD XLII >
Sony TC-WE835S Cassette Deck > Behringer UCA202 > Sony Soundforge 9.0 >
FLAC level 6 aligned on SB

Original recording and transfer by beatpop.
Posted April 2009. 

EN remaster notes
It's Andy Gill's 58th birthday and the birth of a new year with new possibilities as well, so I rang it all in after midnight by sitting down with this wild Go4 set from Hofstra University on Long Island, aired by WLIR-FM in 1983 on the HARD tour. I'm pretty heretical when it comes to this band, in that I really like the last two records they made in the 1980s when their moment was deemed "over" by the always-positive and respectful music press. Anyway it's a great sounding master chrome cassette capture that was a prime candidate to get really popping, especially the sultry snap of Sara Lee's boombastic bass. I feel that the Sound Forge graphic dynamics tools are great for these FM things because they really blow them up to a big-screen type of presence and serve to somewhat liberate them from their implicit compression, and this one was no exception. Whereas before it sounded great (yet a little dull and lacking life), now it's razor sharp and honed to a gleaming perfection, or close to it anyways. Have a listen and see what your ears say, and of course a very Happy Birthday to the one and only Andy Gill as well as the very best 2015 to all of you reading this :)

updated lineage:
FLACs from original DIME seed in 2009 > Sound Forge 9 remastering > DIME > you



  1. Thanks for this one, circle - whilst preferring the first line-up and earlier albums, I should really listen to the Songs of the Free/Hard period again, and this will be a great one to do that.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. And whilst we're at it, here's another more recent Go4 - amazingly still alive after four years, this is an A- AUD FLAC recording (great job, crankingamps!) of the re-re-formed Go4 playing in Australia in 2011 - a fantastic recording not to be missed. NB: both FLAC and mp3 versions are still live on mediafire, but the mp3 version is only @116 kbps, so get the FLAC and convert ...

    Cheers, Dave Sez.