Monday, 13 April 2015

UPGRADE: The Young Gods - Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands - 25.04.2009 (MP3)

Remastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions
A big THANK YOU to him for sending me his version to post here.

Brian 's Info.

It was webcast, so it sounds pretty good in the first place. But I fixed all the little hiccups that plague all webcasts. Plus I worked a little magic to bring up the vocals and synths, because in the original mix the drums are way too loud. And I fixed the overall level.

Here's the rar of my version- 320 mp3, completely labelled and ready for itunes with accurate track names and artwork.


The Color Code
El Maginifico
C'Est Quoi C'est Ça
About Time
A Point C'Est Tout
Kissing The Sun
I'm The Drug
Super Ready / Fragmenté


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