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Big In Japan - Peel Session and Demos - 1977-1979 (Flac)

BIG IN JAPAN (the Liverpool Eric's Club) post punk band wich included future members of celebrated bands such as Siouxsie and The Banshees, Slits, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Lightning Seeds, The KLF and Teardrop Explodes.

The band released 2 singles and split. Here's their only Peel Session and some demos and TV appeareance.

Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.


Penny's Cafe Demos
Various takes from 1977 to 1978

01 Big In Japan 2:37
02 Boys Cry 2:16
03 Society For Cutting Up Men  2:22
04 Space Walk 1:55
05 Match Of The Day 1:47
06 Nothing Special 3:16
07 Taxi 3:40
08 Suicide a Go-Go 2:15

Line Up: Due to the different takes you surely could find:
Ian Broudie
Bill Drummond
Jayne Casey
Holly Johnson
Kev Ward
Phil Allen

Quality: very different from song to song, it looks as C+/B.

Lineage:  CD_R trade/WAV > EAC/FLAC encode level 6

Total length: 20 mins 08 seconds approx.

Many issues of these recordings are out so It's better make order in the whole thing.
Boys Cry will come out as single for the new Broudie's band Original Mirrors in 1980.
It exists a bootleg known as Penny's Cafe Demos but it contains mixed together alternate takes and the versions come out in singles, EP and compilations. I've cut off all the songs come out in their official shape and here you can find only material never published.
track 01 is a different version of their first single (1977)
The real Penny's Cafe Demos are tracks from 02 to 07.
Penny's Cafe was the venue where BIJ made the pictures set used in "To the shored of a Lake Placid" booklet and where they recorded the promo video for Cindy and the Barbie Dolls.
Track 8 is the audio from their unique Tv Appearances at Tony Wilson's What's On at Granada TV February, 23th, 1978.
(If someone on Dime have this video, please upload it! He could make happy a poor soul!)
These torrent is for rp61hawk and all Eric's Club gang!
Big In Japan
John Peel Session
Recorded 12th February 1979 - Broadcast 6th March 1979

01 Suicide High Lie
02 Don't Bomb China Now
03 Goodbye

Jayne Casey (Vocals)
Ian Broudie (Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals)
Holly Johnson (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Budgie (Drums, Backing Vocals)

CD-R > WAV > MAGIX music studio generation 6 deLuxe >
WAV > Flac 8 > rp61hawk > DIME


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